Having problems with Roon recognizing music on the Nucleus [internal drive]

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon Nucleus

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We are able to see the Nucleus device and connect to it via the Roon app/and SMB share.

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Description Of Issue
Hello there,

We have followed this guide →

Unfortunately, we have copied music into this [internal drive] via the SMB share, but are unable to see the music via the Roon app. We have already gone ahead and done a force sync/fetch, but it still will not recognize any of the music in this folder.

Could anyone please assist us with figuring out what to do here?

Many thanks,

Have you added the folder under Settings > Storage?

I will go ahead and check. Thanks for the swift reply!

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Under Storage there will be a folder for the internal drive. For instance, if you add a USB CD drive and rip a CD this will be found under /Data/Storage/Roon_Music_some_disk_ID/CD-Rips. To access the rips I added the folder in Roon …

PS. I use ROCK but the principle is the same.


We may just need to add the folders into storage then. As the music isn’t at the [root] level of the [internal storage]

Before you do, test with one folder.


I have confirmed with our team that we do not have the folders there. Just to confirm the next step, go into settings-> storage-> Add. When we select the folder(s) on the Nucleus we should just be able to pull them up as I am assuming a finder window will pop up to browse, or do we put in the full SMB link, or ?

I am not in front of the system myself, so any detailed notes or tricks is much appreciated.

You should be able to browse the file system directly. The drive folder will be called Roon Music.

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Can you please provide screenshot of browse button, or where to click to browse?

Have trouble locating it.


We were able to successfully import the folders, so thank you! Is there a way in settings to set up automatic imports, or will Roon automatically fetch new files that are passed the root of what we imported? I.E. if we imported or added folder internal storage/music/ and then we added a new folder called internal storage/music/Bob Marley/ would “Bob Marley” auto import?

Thank you again for everything!


As it says at the end of this Help Portal article on music storage in a Nucleus, additional files and folders will be automatically added to the Roon Library when you add them under the root folder of the music storage.

Good to hear you got it sorted. Yes, Bob Marley in your example will auto import.


Thank you again for the help on getting the music imported. I have just heard from our team that they are now seeing the music doubled. See photo. Would you happen to have a quick fix, or know where to start looking to resolve this issue?

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Please post a screenshot of your Storage settings (Settings > Storage) if you can. A picture is worth a 1,000 words…

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Thanks Geoff, Will get back to you.


Please see Screenshot. We have two sub folders of Internal Storage added (HDTracks and iTunes media). Do we only need to add the Internal storage folder? When we were having trouble accessing the music, we did go ahead and add both folders as it resolved the issue. Thanks again for the help here!

You are doubling up on watched folders … disable the network shares by clicking on the vertical ellipsis and clicking Disable.


I added both per our discussion last week. Are you saying now that I should remove both, and only add the [internal storage] root folder?

Just trying to get a sense of logic here for best practices.

Only add folders from the local filesystem since the media files are on the Nucleus. What you’ve done is use the + Add network share button rather than browsing the Folder listing and selecting the separate folders: HDTracks and iTunes Media.

Got it,

I will try this out and get back to you with an update.