HDMI stopped sending any signal to AVR

My Nucleus had been working well until this morning when the AVR couldn’t get any signal from the Nucleus’s HDMI A port. Last night, before I went to bed, it was working just fine.

I had to power cycle the Nucleus to get it to start sending signal. A reboot from the Nucleus’s web admin page did reboot the device but the HDMI still didn’t work. It took a hard reboot to make this work.

Is this typical?

I would not consider that to be typical. I’ve not had any issues with the HDMI connection from my Nuc/Rock to AVR not working, not yet anyway.

I did have a similar situation with the USB connection from NUC to OPPO DAC. It was not showing up in the zone list and I found it was missing from audio config. I did have to power cycle the NUC to get it back.

That has happened once in 1.5 years.

Both mine and your issues would seem to be related to the OS not recognizing what was attached to the unit.

Bizarre that it was working and then stopped right? It means that some event triggered the Nucleus to stop talking to the HDMI port on the AVR. The AVR showed NO SIGNAL on the HDMI which means the Nucleus lost it’s connection and then was unable to reestablish sync w/ the AVR.

Can someone from Roon @support chime in? It keeps happening. I report it. The thread gets closed. Just search for my name and HDMI. I don’t know how about the support model here. It’s not great.

My setup. Nucleus to anthem mrx720 by HDMI. Ethernet alll the way. It’s like this every frigging weekend.

Additional information. There’s no signal into the avr. I know this because it says so 'hdmi no signal

And the avr turns off to power save.

@support Anything at all?

@support @support. Calling any tech support at Roon.

I moved this whole thread to #support:nucleus-support because you had posted it in “Discussion - Nucleus” (#roon:nucleus) which is for discussion and not support, so it’s not being monitored by Roon Support

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Hey @raoul-sam_daruwala,

Ben with the support team here, thanks so much for writing in and for all your patience so far. I can certainly understand how frustrating an issue like this can be, especially if you’re in the middle of a listening session.

If possible, could you take note of the specific date, time, and track playing when this issue occurs? That information will go a long way in terms of reviewing your core diagnostic for more information.

Are you listening to local content, or streaming content when this typically happens? Does it happen with particular albums or does it seem to be random?

Lastly, could you provide more information around your Network setup? How is your Nucleus connected to your router?

I’ll be on standby for your reply, thanks! :pray:

  1. This happens if I stop playing on a Sunday and then come back to listen to music a week later. Or it happens after an update.
  2. It does NOT happen when I’m playing music. The AVR (Anthem MRX720) is usually turned off and back on many times during the week when I watch TV.
  3. The network is hard wired into an Ethernet port on a Linksys.
  4. It happens with all content, local and Qobuz.

The player shows the tracks playing.
The receiver does NOT show any input from the HDMI port.

I think the HDMI port fails to handshake and then gets stuck in a bad state. Is there a way I can probe the state of the HDMI connection as seen by the Nucleus? Is there a driver call that you can make to make sure that the HDMI port gets reset when the Nucleus reboots?

Do you need me to capture debug info? I can hook a keyboard up to the nucleus if there’s some magic i can run.

I’m wondering if your issue is being caused by HDMI handshake issues in the chain of the Nucleus → Anthem AVR → TV?

Sometimes these can be caused by poor spec HDMI cables, other times a more drastic solution is called for:


That’s some smart thinking there. I’m going to switch out cables this weekend and see how it goes. I’ll also unplug the projector and see if that makes a difference to the handshake.


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