HDMI stopped sending any signal to AVR

My Nucleus had been working well until this morning when the AVR couldn’t get any signal from the Nucleus’s HDMI A port. Last night, before I went to bed, it was working just fine.

I had to power cycle the Nucleus to get it to start sending signal. A reboot from the Nucleus’s web admin page did reboot the device but the HDMI still didn’t work. It took a hard reboot to make this work.

Is this typical?

I would not consider that to be typical. I’ve not had any issues with the HDMI connection from my Nuc/Rock to AVR not working, not yet anyway.

I did have a similar situation with the USB connection from NUC to OPPO DAC. It was not showing up in the zone list and I found it was missing from audio config. I did have to power cycle the NUC to get it back.

That has happened once in 1.5 years.

Both mine and your issues would seem to be related to the OS not recognizing what was attached to the unit.

Bizarre that it was working and then stopped right? It means that some event triggered the Nucleus to stop talking to the HDMI port on the AVR. The AVR showed NO SIGNAL on the HDMI which means the Nucleus lost it’s connection and then was unable to reestablish sync w/ the AVR.