Headphone AMP for Teac UD501

Hey folks,

I own an Teac UD 501 USB-DAC. It does everything fine - but on it’s headphone output, I get an audible hum (audible for me: I am around 25 years old; older people could not hear it). My question is simple: I am thus looking for an inexpensive headphone amplifier. Ideal price-range would be up to 100€. I do not drive high-end headphone on a regular base, occasionally a Sony MDR-Z7, but mostly a Sennheiser HD595. That is it for now, looking forward to hear some product recommendations from you.

Greetings from Europe.

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A RPi plus Audioquest red or cobalt

Maybe out of budget but will sound great even on your 650 s

Some inexpensive options on Massdrop.

Pro-Ject Audio Head Box S2 is £110 and works well with a range of headphones (AKG K12, Amiron, HD660S etc).

Simple headphone amp that has a passive pass through. Works even better with an iFi 5v power supply if you have one around. Any 5v 0.5 amp and above will do (one comes with it, so you don’t have to use an alternative!).

JDS Labs Atom - in budget, measures excellently and apparently sounds very good, though I’ll acknowledge I haven’t heard it myself.

I thank you for your answers. So far, the AMP by Schiit has raised my interest, I’ll look into it. In the meantime, I would appreciate further recommendations, to broaden the possible product range. I thank everybody in advance.