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The whole dropbox roon backup folder is only 15 bytes according to dropbox. But there are hundreds of folders. Does that mean I have been doing backups for nothing?

there’s dropbox folder than in that is another that has 175 and each of those has multiple folders basically.

Specifically I can see that the folder I have been trying to download has 13804 files which is too many for dropbox but many of the folders have nothing in it. Ugh.

Dropbox support indicated to me that I shouldn’t put Roon backups there.

It seems I might of had a beta version of Dropbox app on the computer.

Hi @Jason_Finn,

If you try downloading part of the backup at a time (such as a few folders), does that work?

Finally got the Dropbox backup folder to sync to my iMac. It says local but only as 4kb. See the screenshot. The restore once again failed.

Hi @Jason_Finn,

What happens if you try to copy the RoonBackups folder out of the Dropbox folder and into the local HDD? Does it change in size? I wonder because the Dropbox folder has some strange properties and does real-time sync.

No change in size.

I found a different backup in dropbox. This one is quite large.

However, when the dropbox has finished its sync it’s size is 15kb. I tried a backup from a new Roon database (since I couldn’t restore, I started a new Roon) from my files that are on the NAS to the mac mini desktop. It was successful. Then I tried to restore from that folder on the desktop: success. It still doesn’t solve what is wrong with the dropbox folder. Can you help me with that?

I will try a new backup to a dropbox location and see if I can restore from there.

Hi @Jason_Finn,

Just to clarify here — I see that Dropbox is mounted and seen in Finder in your image above. When you are saving these backups to Dropbox are you using the Dropbox service in Roon, or are you selecting the Dropbox folder on your Mac that syncs with this? Can you share a screenshot of the Backups screen showing how this was done?

Additionally, how are you downloading these files? Are you using the Dropbox folder in Finder or are you downloading them directly from the Dropbox website?

Did Dropbox support elaborate on this? Was it because you’re using the beta version? For context, this isn’t something that we are seeing widespread reports of. We have many customers using Dropbox backups and not experiencing this issue, so it would be good to know why this behavior is occurring in your specific setup.

I’ve found backup and restoring to DropBox is flakey and slow from my Nucleus+ and my Mac Pro (I have a second Roon system on the mac pro that I can use if my Nucleus+ fails or I can use the license when I’m traveling with Roon on a Macbook Pro). I do like the idea of having an offsite backup though and I’ve done this by having my Roon system backup to my Synology NAS and then having Synology’s Cloud Sync app sync Roon backups (and other things) to DropBox. This works very well.

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The one backup that worked, Dylan, I saved directly to a folder named “dropbox” on my desktop. I have another backup to my dropbox sync folder, and that is not complete yet so I can’t try a backup from there.

I might have been using a beta version because that was clicked on that I would be willing to use them. I have since checked that off. Dropbox did not elaborate on Roon sync issues.

Craig, can you elaborate on the Cloud Sync for your Roon backups? I have a synology 212+.

Cloud Sync is an app you install from Package Center in Synology. Using it you can configure one way or bi-directional sync from any directory in Synology to Dropbox, BackBlaze and others. Right now I sync my roon backups in synology to dropbox and my entire media collection to backblaze so I have offsite storage for both. I will eventually move the roon backups to backblaze also but had originally setup them up to sync with dropbox and just haven’t gotten around to moving them yet. You can let it run all the time so syncing occurs when anything changes or setup schedules for when to do it (I have mine trigger in the middle of the night). This setup works quite well.

Here’s a link to info about it:

Thanks, Craig. Very helpful. One question, do you do one or bi-directional?

@Jason_Finn – For Roon backups, I do one way. The master is Synology.

Dylan, I did a backup to the Synology and then restored and everything worked out fine. So, I guess I just lost all my saved Tidal albums and playlists, unfortunately. There must have been a glitch in Dropbox Beta or the Roon update for me.



I just took the time to update my synology so it now syncs both music files and roon backups to backblaze. It’s now ideal for me. If you care, in another thread I outlined my whole process for managing the flow and backups of music and backups. You can see here: