Help and advice on backing up Music DB from Intel NUC

I now have my full Music DB (1.5TB) on an Intel NUC having previously had it on a Windows Home Server. I now want to put in place a BackUp process that covers both local physical storage and Cloud and I have a number of areas where I need help please :

I assumed I would be able to attach an external HDD to my NUC and just back up. Having tried it it does work but the transfer rate is a 1.5MB per sec which says it will take about 11 days to back my full Database up! If I backup across my network I get about 3MB a second but that’s still more than 5 days and during that time Roon performance is clearly impacted .

Am I doing something wrong ? Is there an alternative approach ?

Assuming I can manage to get a full back up my next question is how do I then do incremental back-up going forward ?

Finally , I would also like to then do a Cloud Back Up . I know this is very belt & braces but it helps me sleep at night :slight_smile: What are people using ? I literally just want backup and restore and I would like to keep the cost as low as possible

I look forward to your feedback

Hi Terry,

Just a couple of questions, what is the model/make of the Intel Nuc and the drive you are attaching to it? And which OS is running on the NUC.


Its a NUC 7i7BNH and the external HDD is a Seagate 2tb Backup Plus Portable Drive

What software are you using to do the backup to the disk?

i just did a quick file copy from my i5 nuc from the internal SSD to a Western Digital USB 3 attached disk to see what the throughput was and got 80MB/s whilst the NUC was serving roon. So something seriously wrong with 2MB/s.

Copying across my crappy powerline connected network from the external USB drive on the NUC to my NAS still gives 18MBs.

Some further follow up here . I have tried different drives and also reformatted one as exfat and I am still at 2MB pet sec .
Interestingly I did a Roon DB backup to an external HDD and it seemed to be at the 80MB per sec Ged was talking about
Finally , when I attach an HDD Roon crashes and I have to reboot , is that normal behavior ?
Any feedback, insight or suggestions greatly appreciated

I don’t see where you specified your NUC OS, but, generally, the answer is no, a computer should not crash if a USB drive is plugged into it.

Spec is as per Roon recommendations

You still haven’t told us what the OS is on your NUC: ROCK, Windows, or Linux?

What is the OS on the NUC?
Is the disk you did the Roon DB backup to and got 80MB/S the same disk as you got 2MB/S to when doing music DB?
What software are you using to do the Music DB copy with? (File copy, a backup app???)

No PC should reboot if add a USB drive, does it crash when you add the drive or when you remove it?

You aren’t giving enough information for anyone to be able to diagnose what is wrong. And of course now you are getting inconsistent results 2MB Vs 80MB it is even worse :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to respond and apologies for not providing the correct details so let me have another go :

The NUC is a NUC7i7BNH with 8GB of memory and 256 GB SSD . There is also 2TB of internal storage for my Music DB . the spec is as per Roon’s guidance

The OS is ROCK and is up to date.

The NUC is four months old and I followed the ROON setup and implementation instructions when I built it. I would stress that in terms of running ROCK it has been exactly that (rock solid!) for four months.

The Disk that I used to do the Roon backup to (and which completed very quickly) is the same disk I used to try and back-up my Music DB and only got an average of 2MB per sec. I have alos tried multiple drives and I have reformatted to exfat but with no improvement

I initially was only using file copy to do the backup but I have also now tried EaseUS ToDo Backup but the backup fails after about an hour

The NUC crashes when I connect an external drive

I hope the above helps give a bit more background and context and thanks once again

No problem.
I’m afraid as the device is running the ROCK OS my expertise stops there.
As you have ROCK installed I I suggest you open this in the Support section rather than the generic roon software.

Ged, I’ve moved this thread into Support, and now have flagged @support to respond.

Clearly, something is up with Terry’s ROCK installation. It definitely shouldn’t crash when an external HDD is connected.

Many thanks Gents!

Hello @Terry_Smith,

When you try to back up your music library, how are you going about it? Are you mounting your NUC internal drive and USB storage devices as SMB shares on another computer and then copying the files over?


I am not mounting them as SMB shares on another computer and would need instructions on how to do that please ?
I am currently simply attaching a USB drive , which shows up in the storage folder and then cutting and pasting between my Music DB folder and the external HDD

Hello @Terry_Smith,

I apologize for the delay, I’ve been waiting for feedback from the tech team on what could cause ROCK to crash when attaching a USB drive.

What they’ve instructed me to do is enable diagnostic logging on your account and attempt to reproduce this crash for further analyzation. The most efficient way to execute this will be for you to report back the time and date of seeing this crash behavior, so that I can request the logs from the NUC and send them for further investigation. Please make sure that the NUC is rebooted and in a functioning state after the crash so that the upload will be successful.


No need to apologize , I know how busy you guys are , also no impact on me as I am away from home this week . I am scheduled to get back Saturday April 1st and will get back to you after that .
Many thanks
Terry Smith

Hello @john

As requested I have today (Monday April 2nd) added an external USB HDD to my NUC and as per previous pattern it crashed. Timing was 5.38 pm PST - I live in Seattle. I look forward to your response
Terry Smith

Hi John
Just following up here please . The last month has been manically busy but now have a bit of breathing space and would love to get this sorted Only problem is i am now away from home on holiday for a week . I did try once again to connect an external HDD this morning ( May 8th PST about 9.00 am) and it crashed the Roon Core again
Keen to get your feedback