Help! I've tried everything. Can no longer export my playlists to excel

I’ve read every article I can find and have followed all directions to the letter but, I can no longer export my playlists to an excel file. A year ago, it worked easily. Now the best I can get is the 1st track of perhaps 15 or 20 selected.

Yes, I’ve made sure they were ALL - every single track - in my library. It doesn’t make a bit of difference. PLEASE HELP. I’m heading out for a long road trip and would like to get my music onto Spotify to enjoy while on the road. As much as I’d love to bring that Roon Core along for the ride, it’s not practical…

For such an expensive system, this seems like a gaping hole in your planning/engineering. People don’t ONLY listen to their music when they’re at home. There needs to be a better/simpler way for us to enjoy our libraries wherever we may be at any given time…

Hello @Leah_Manzari,

Words fail me in trying to find a way to apologize for how late we are in getting back to you. Please, forgive us :pleading_face:

I am so sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve ran into and that we’re very likely replying after your road trip…

Could you please tell us more about what you see when trying to export your playlist? You’re saying only 1 track gets exported out of quite a few selected. Could you please share some screenshots?

As for the need to take Roon with you, I can say that Roon Mobile is on the roadmap. It’s something that’s been requested and our team has listened.

I hope we’ll continue this conversation, albeit 24 days (too) late…

Hi Rebeka –

Thank you for reaching out. I’m currently days into manually re-building my playlists in Spotify – not fun. When I first installed the program last year, I had no problem exporting playlists and importing them into other platforms. Since the launch of the new version, that no longer works.

At one point I reached out to the tech that talked me into buying your software in the first place – we have a lifetime subscription – but he was unable to help. We tried all sorts of things including trying to export lists that only physically existed on our Roon server. Many of my themed playlists do include Quboz and Tidal tracks. I’m only looking for the export of a list, not the tracks themselves, and that was never an issue before but, I did try to export an album that 100% physically resides on our server to test his theory.

First attachment is a playlist spreadsheet I exported back in June 2020 without any issue. The second attachment is a screenshot of what I got a couple weeks ago when trying to simply export one album with 14 tracks. Roon would only export data for the first track. Screenshot attached.

Now that I’m manually rebuilding my playlists, I’m noticing that you got rid of the numbering feature that allowed you to designate a track’s spot on the list. A further annoyance – making the process even more time and labor intensive. I’m currently starting to wonder if that’s the heart of the problem. If there is no “list”, how can you export the list?

Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

ps. I did email you my attachments. Can’t seem to find a way to attach them here so made some dropbox links…

Playlist export from June 2020

Failed attempt to export single album from my library

Hi @Leah_Manzari, our latest release includes a number of changes to exporting including the ability to export non-library content, a new Soundiiz option, and a number of bug fixes. Please see our release notes for details:

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