Help us test localized metadata! 🌏

Later this year, we’ll be deploying new infrastructure that allows for the localization of metadata in Roon!

For users that run in languages other than English, these changes should make Roon feel more native, and should reduce the amount of English you see as you browse your music.

New localized metadata can include:

  • Artist names
  • Genre names
  • Credit roles
  • Classical terms (like “symphony” “movement” etc)
  • Some album info

We’ll be putting these changes into Early Access in a few weeks and documenting how to submit improved translations and corrections, but we are ready to start getting feedback now!

If you’d like an advance preview of these changes and would like to start giving us feedback, sign up here. (edit: localized metadata is now active in Early Access for everyone!)

We'll be in touch next week with more details once we've enable the functionality for your account.

Thanks all!


I’m going to tag some groups that may be interested in this change, including translators and others who previously expressed an interest in localized metadata:

@Localize_Invite @TranslationAdmins @ARC_Translators @Japanese_Translators

If you’d like to help us test this change, please see above. Thanks again everyone!

Speaking as someone who is in Germany (and with native German language) but runs software in English: Please keep this configurable independently from the region and from display language as well. Qobuz in Germany insists on showing German reviews and bios and it’s jarring having to read about the Beatles or whatever in German, at usually worse quality. Even if I ran my UI in German I would want English content for music and surely there are many like that


Before signing up, I’m concerned about the Artist Names, since I wouldn’t want to see “Armas y Rosas” on my Guns N’ Roses records. I don’t think Artist Names should be translated.


In Latin script I probably agree universally, but Chinese or Korean artists, etc., I can’t read or search for in their original scripts, so that’s different. Surely vice versa a similar problem.


totally agree!
same in Italian.
Please keep the option to run the software also in English, on top of the localized language, whatever that is


A few cases to keep in mind:

  • Berliner Philharmoniker vs Berlin Philharmonic
  • Seiji Ozawa vs 小澤 征爾

And so on.

Lots of cases where people around the world – particularly those who are most comfortable using scripts other than roman – would feel more comfortable seeing artists and other data in their own language(s).

Like the recent addition of content sources, the artist name functionality will allow users to independently configure Roon to use (and prioritize) whatever languages they’re most comfortable with.

I just took a quick look at the data and by default “Guns N’ Roses” will be untouched in nearly all cases.

A Japanese user will also get “Guns N Roses” unless they explicitly turn off English names – in that case, they’ll see ガンズ アンド ローゼズ.

Anyway, we’re just starting to test this stuff so please sign up and let us know how it’s looking folks!


I am interested in this function, but I can’t open the registration link in the post.

I think there should be some switches or options here and let the user choose whether to translate this content or not.

Yep, exactly:

We’ve had a number of signups (thanks everyone!) so the link should be working.

Double-check and send me a PM if you’re still having trouble.

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I have tried many times, but it still doesn’t work. I can’t open it. I don’t know why.

My preference is to use the orginal name for orchestra’s:

  • Berliner Philharmoniker vs Berlin Philharmonic
    Always want to see the German name here for a German Orchestra, different naming in Classical music is confusing enough.
    For Non latin languages I do prefer a universal latin name, because I have no Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew keyboard, I prefer that their original name is shown (possible use both as Main artist:
  • Seiji Ozawa vs 小澤 征爾

I have started to translate some band names into English:

  • Led Balloon (Led Zepelin)
  • Work of Art (Kraftwerk)
  • Good Sight Social Club (Buena Vista Social Club)
  • Hurry Up Fashion (Depeche Mode)
    Am I on the right track?
    :hushed: :smile:

We made a lot of effort to prioritize the artist’s native name wherever possible while still ensuring that the words are at least recognizable to the user.

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What about Of The Soul? :wink:

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One of my favorite Bruckner Symphonies boxset only have Germany metadata in Roon, with folder browsing I take me few minutes to spot them with manual eye picking with every Bruckner Albums in Roon Library because of using Sinfonien instead of Symphonies

As someone who speaks three languages and who uses Roon in two countries (not simultaneously) I think this structure shouldn’t be overly rigid and should allow for easy switching among languages. For example, I mainly use Roon in English in one country because I’m usually alone in the house and it’s my preferred language. I use Portuguese in another country because my family members who occasionally use it in my home there are Portuguese speakers.


Kraftwerk would actually be Power Station, although I do like the ambiguity of your translation :grinning:


I do the same. Prefer always the original name. Anf for different alphabets, like chinese or arab, i edit the original name putting both versions like:
Seiji Ozawa 小澤 征爾

Because i like to see also the original name.
and sometimes it can be helpful for searching purpose (like copy and paste 小澤 征爾 from browser in search field)