Hidden hearing loss

Here’s a chilling article about “hidden hearing loss”.


A little gem

Sounds like years of Zeppelin on headphones has some impact ugh …:cry:

did someone say something :wink: well not that funny really…my ears are not like they used to be for sure…well tapering off above around 8KHz…yes age and exposure - live and learn. Teach the younger generation to look after their hearing, sight, teeth and weight. It all creeps up on ya and its too late before you know it.

Start by banning sugar …

Banting Rules OK , 43 kg off in 18 months

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I wonder if this influences the kind of music you like, too?

For instance, would you prefer simpler orchestrations and arrangements? Something the limited set of neurons you have left can understand?

Or would you prefer music you’ve already heard a lot? Something familiar that doesn’t require new understanding?

Thanks. I recommend https://www.npr.org/books/titles/776280041/volume-control-hearing-in-a-deafening-world for a lot more context on hearing loss and hearing protection.

I heard his interview with Terry Gross, but haven’t read the book. After reading the interview, I did go out and buy a pair of Bose Earphones. They are interesting to wear while walking around town running errands while listening to podcasts. You can dial down the “world volume” so that a lot of things (like noisy traffic) becomes a low rumble.

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