HiFi Rose RS130 Streamer Transport Roon Ready?

The HiFi Rose RS130 specs say the streamer is Roon Ready ( HiFi Rose RS130 Network Transport – HiFi Rose USA ) but as of this morning, this particular model is not listed under the Roon partners page.

Could anybody from Roon shed any light on the status of this?
Thank you in advance.

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Presently, the RS130 isn’t listed as Roon Ready, so it may be that Rose is marketing it as Roon Ready before certification is complete. You should contact the manufacturer about this.

When a device is certified, it will appear on this page.


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FWIW - What HiFi? Have an article on it and states Roon Ready. It’d be usual for this publication to say it is if it isn’t. But everyone makes mistakes.

Could be Roon haven’t gotten around to adding it to their website.

And Darko suggests it is also.


Possibly, but it’s not the first time company marketing teams have jumped the gun. Still, certification is something the manufacturer needs to confirm.

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100% agree

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My TEAC streaming DAC advertised Roon Ready and approved when it went on the market for sale. Ended up it was still be evaluated by Roon. Once Roon was done then Roon listed it and all was good. It did take a while for it to be fully tested and approved by Roon. Roon would not say it was being tested or even considered, just keep an eye out. Most products advertise what their product is designed to be, Rose is designed to be Roon Certified a very positive approach to be projecting prior to it being actually certified but they are not the only company that has done this.

I reached out to HiFi Rose today to ask about the Roon Ready status and their response was:

“Yes, the RS130 is Roon Ready, it’s recent release may be the reason why they don’t list it.”


That page is not very reliable these days.
The PS Audio AirLens streamer is certified as shown in the screen:
However, even though Roon is using a picture of the Airlens at the top its PS Audio partner’s page, the device is still not listed there as certified.

Wondering if anyone has had any luck with the RS 130? Won’t enable in roon…

Seeing the same, unfortunately! Was excited to get this up and running. :roll_eyes:

Looks good anyway :sunglasses:

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I am getting the same thing … guess they have started marketing as Roon Ready before the certification is complete.

its not ready yet. over on the HiFi Rose forum they are claiming it will be Roon ready in “a few days.”

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Spoke to HIFI rose about this again, they claim to be getting the run around (my words). two weeks ago they were told “ a few days”, and over a month ago they were told “two weeks”.

It’s been in certification for an extended period of time, keeps getting pushed off by roon. According to HIFI rose…

Hifi Rose needs to learn to take responsibility for their ineptitude instead of blaming everyone else. They have made poor foundational technology decisions that have limited their products. They have been blaming Apple for not being able to play Apple Music Hi-res, when it is actually the fact that their OS is based on OLLLLLLDDDDD Android 7 that is the problem. It’s why Fiio, Eversolo, and every DAP maker has full hi-res Apple and they don’t.

I bought this f’n RS130 because it was supposed to be Roon ready and also supposed to have a standalone Apple Music app to play HiRes with. It says “Roon Ready” all over their site, the packaging, and retailer product pages. It’s not ready, and they shouldn’t have shipped it till it was. Says a lot about their integrity.

I might have been able to overlook it for a bit if their app wasn’t a flaming pile of crap sprinkled with “Engrish” and Korean to make it borderline unusable. For $500 it would be unacceptable. Adding a 0 to that makes it criminal. So, now I have to box this trash up, send it back, and wait for a refund.

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Amazes me how many people are willing to spend $5000 on a network streamer, let alone a poorly implemented one.


They have never advertised hires for Apple Music as it’s not possible on any platform other than your Apple products or Apples own apps on iOS or Android. They tried to shoe horn the web api into their own app and it’s something it’s not designed for on hardware and it doesn’t support hires. Eversolo, FiiO are are just using the Android app not exactly great for remote use but they do work.

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Sooo…what OS is HiFi Rose using? Oh right, Android! They posted a long time ago in their community that they were trying to get Apple Music in Hi-res. Then they had told some reviewers that the RS130 was going to get an entirely separate app to be able to play Apple Music in Hi-res.

So, to reiterate, the reason it isn’t working is because they chose to use Android 7 vs a modern version.

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Apple Music works on my hiby r5 it’s Android 7 so you’re incorrect there. Rose don’t use the standard android app architecture and have a heavily customised Android Os. To integrate into their own app you have to use SDK and APIs not native android apps. They have tried to integrate in to their own app and obviously didn’t research properly that Apples Api isn’t built for this and doesn’t allow hires.
The main reason no one else has it. They others all use a less modified Android os and standard Android apps for Apple Music that is not integrated to just use its UI same as any phone.