History is Gone

My History has been wiped out. I think it is because I had to do a clean install of Windows 10 on the computer where Roon Server is installed. Is there anyway to recover History?

After the horse is bolted comment so apologies in advance. Had you taken a roon database backup?
If you have then restoring it will bring back your history.

if you haven’t might be an incentive to do so in future so your playlists, history are captured.

Will have to leave to roon guys to see if there are any alternatives. (I will move thread to support as it fits in there better i think)

Thanks. I did nor know about backing up the database I do now.

Hello @Edwin_Atkin,

As @ged_hickman1 mentions, it is always good practice to keep Backups of your Roon installation in case something goes wrong or you switch cores. Since you performed a fresh Windows install here, there isn’t much that can be done to recover the old database unfortunately.


I did not touch Windows 10 or Roon, and yet my history is completely wiped out. Can @support please explain why would this be happening?

Lately, I have been playing music from history more and more, and I am not happy that history would be wiped without reason or warning.

Thank you,

Just as a note, all of my tags disappeared a week or so ago (from the albums, the tag display screen showed them with zero items contained), and I had to restore to get them back.

Hello @G_Man,

You may be experiencing an issue that we are aware of and investigating. Can I please ask you to try changing your user profile to another profile temporarily and then switch back to your main profile to see if that resolves this issue? You can switch profiles at the top of the Roon App’s side-bar, please let me know if that brings you back out of that state and if the history is intact after doing so.


Hi @noris,

That did the trick! Switching to a (new) temporary profile, and then switching back to my profile restored my history!

I hope you fix the issue permanently, but this works for now (and time for a backup).

Thank you very much,

@G_Man - Great to hear that it worked out!

You can never have too many backups (for all data in general), but for Roon - I would make them scheduled auto backups and if the information is really important, always follow the 3-2-1 backup rules: 3 copies, 2 different locations, 1 of those locations off site.


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