Holiday music played when using Roon Radio

Hi Mike, I am new to Roon. I am having the same issue with holiday music creeping into genres where they shouldnt be. I read one of yor replys see here:
"If you use Radio, it will be smart and avoid holiday music unless you specifically start Radio on holiday content.

Shuffle, however, is not smart – if you shuffle a set of content that includes holiday music, Roon is just going to play that content in a random order."

So since I was shuffling my music, I realized there was a better way and that is to use radio.

Well that didnt work either. I selected vocals, then selected an artist in that genre and select a non-holiday track. I started Roon Radio based upon that track and 3 songs later a holiday tune was played not once but twice in succession.

So Mike, what is the trick to avoid all holiday music?

Thank you.

Welcome to the Roon community, @Richard_Rossi.

When seeking #support it’s preferable to start a new thread in the category rather than adding to an existing thread opened by someone else. This is particularly pertinent when the thread old.

Accordingly, I’ll move your post in due course.

Please note that you can provide feedback if the song doesn’t fit. For instance, if you skip the track, you’ll be asked why you don’t want to hear it.

Hi @Richard_Rossi,

Thank you for the report. Can you please provide the following details to our QA team?

  1. In your Roon Library settings, have you set the metadata and genre settings below to “Prefer Roon”?

  2. Please provide the name of an example non-holiday track that, when used as a seed in Roon Radio, causes holiday tracks to be played. Please take a screenshot of the queue history after holiday tracks have erroneously played, so we can investigate those as well.

  3. Do you have Roon Radio limited to your local library?

Was this the exact same track, repeating? Please note we have a renewed active investigation into this phenomenon here: Roon Radio repeats songs multiple times [Roon Investigating]

Hi @Richard_Rossi,

I wanted to reach out after a few weeks to see if you’ve had a chance to review the above questions. The team is investigating this report actively, but more specific information would help expedite our efforts.

Thank you again!

I think I submitted the tracks in question in my 1st email. That being said, the track in question was not part of a “Christmas” album, just a random track on an album.

I appreciate your help.

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