Holo Audio Red Streamer/DDC

My HoloAudio Red arrived four days ago. I stress that it was purchased for personal use as I do sell entry, mid and high-level streamers, therefore I will not make an official comparison to certain brands.

However, I will make these comments:

First impression is that it has a very low noise floor, which leads to a clean sound. I bought it because I wanted a streamer with an I2S output (so I can put away my DDC’s) and is HQP NAA capable. All of the outputs sound good so it should satisfy most users.

The set up menu is found by entering it’s IP address. There are DIP switches on the bottom of the unit. The official manual is still being edited but I did receive a preliminary copy from Kitsune which goes into better detail.


If someone uses the Red with Holo dac as an NAA bridge, could you test this one thing. If you use the USB output to Holo DAC, does Red lose the USB input completely if you turn the DAC on/off? Or can you switch gear on/off and switch DAC inputs as you please and Red (with NAA) always finds the connected DAC with no hiccups?

I ask this because with iFi Zen Stream as NAA, I always need to reboot it if I switch DAC on/off OR if I have switched the input of the DAC while music is still playing. It’s annoying and there are other occasions also when I need to reboot the ZS. Otherwise ZS works great and sounds great though. Thanks!