Holo Audio Red Streamer/DDC

I ordered one (last week) as well. Now to see how long it takes to get it….

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Be prepared to wait. I ordered one to use with a headphone rig on Jan 22nd. Still no updates. I have heard it’s a seven week or so wait.


I got mine yesterday and my initial impression is that my speakers (Buchart S400 Signature) got alot more snappier and spacious!


It would be interesting if someone could compare the Red to a SOtM sms200 (Neo or Ultra Neo) powered by a LPSU


Please keep me posted when you gets yours just to give me an idea of wait time.

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Just got my Holo Red from Magna Hifi. Took a week from order to being in my hands in UK, even with Brexit! (Pleasantly surprised with the ease of the customs/tax clearance & fees with DPD. Which was a relief).

Interested to get your thoughts, @Henry_McLeod in particular, on which OS is preferred in terms of sound quality?

On my RPi 4 streamer, with Ian Canada Transport Digi to iFi DSD Dac, I use PiCorePlayer with soundcheck’s sKit tuning. This sounds great to my ears through my office desk system so I’d be keen to use it with the Red.

Does anyone use pCP on the CM4 module with USB output? That’s a second question I guess.

The Red is for my main living room system (Antipodes DS running Roon) and mostly will be used as DDC feeding Metrum Onyx DAC via I2S or USB although I can use AES. I’d like to have Streamer facility too (future or alternate use).

Thoughts, experiences and comments much appreciated.

I began by putting all of the potential OS’s I was interested in on the Red. But once I confirmed they all worked I went back to the Red OS and have simply stuck with that since. I have a couple of things to resolve on my system. New power amplification and possible HQPlayer integration. Once I’ve settled on the new setup I’ll cycle through again and make a permanent choice.

Wow. Much faster than all that have ordered in the States. Here is hoping they come our way just as quickly.

Thanks Henry that’s really helpful.

I’ve just got the Red up and running as a streamer - no dramas using Squeeze or Roon bridge. Using the standard Red OS and seems to work pretty much out of the box. Sound pretty good too.

I went through the whole amplification chain a few years ago and ended up building a Pass Labs DIY B3 pre and F5 power amp. They are great. Also recently picked up an Audiolab 8200P with a view to upgrading the main caps and the opamps but enthusiasm is a bit low for that at the mo.

Will be interested to hear how you go with HQ Player. I dabbled with it a few yrs ago (& liked it) but prefer to have something set & left to play. It may have developed considerably since then of course.


I have found an HQPlayer setup that works extremely well for all of the music I listen to on a regular basis. So I don’t makes changes and just leave the Roon and HQPlayer settings alone and just play music. I am quite content!!

Here are my settings for use with my Holo Audio May KTE DAC:

SDM Integrator: FIR2
SDM Conversion: XFi
48K DSD: Checked
DAC Bits: 20
Default Output Mode: SDM (DSD)
SDM Defaults:
1x = poly-sinc-gauss-xla
Nx = poly-sinc-gauss-hires-lp
Modulator: ASDM7ECv2
Bit rate: 48K x 256
Multicore DSP: Greyed
Adaptive output rate: Checked


My Red arrived today. It’s replacing a dead ultraRendu. It took a total of five minutes from unboxing, upgrading, and getting Roon playing to my TA-ZH1ES. So far so good. I don’t have time to listen to it right now, I will later on tonight.

Typical great Holo build. The fit and finish reminds me of the KTE SU-2.