How can I use Roon outside the Roon Server LAN?

I have a Mac Pro which I setup Roon server and run Roon client both. And it works perfectly in my home (iPad, iPhone, etc) even though I wish there is a Apple TV version for Roon (hopfully in near future?)

The problem is when I get to my office, I would like to use Roon, too.
I tried couple of ways to connect Roon server at home but no success.
(tried to type in IP address when Roon starts and used slink to hook up but failed)

Is there any way to work around this?

Thank you.

I would love to use Roon in my office instead of JRiver, but I do not want to have two Cores.

Roon is not designed to work this way yet. However it seems many have got it work through a vpn.

Yes, I find it runs fine over vpn.