How do you connect Lumin D2 DAC to roon? Bluetooth?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

TEXT GOES HERE How to connect a LuminD2 DAC to roon? iPad ? PC Asus ?

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)


Description Of Issue


@Paul_Sheehy If you connect the Lumin via Ethernet you should see it in Roon, you will probably need to enable it in Settings, Audio which can be done via an iPad or pc running Roon.

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Lumin D2 is connected to the mesh network. .Do I connect Asus computer to the D2 DAC or connect the Asus to the mesh. ?
The D2dac is not communicating with the Asus laptop or the IPad.

What do you think?

How to. Enable it in computer or iPad ?

Connect all your devices to the same network, including the Lumin D2, the Asus Laptop and the iPad. Assuming you already setup your Roon Core, open Roon in any of your remotes (iPad or Asus Laptop), go to Roon Settings/Audio and ENABLE the Lumin D2.

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Make sure your iPad and Lumin are on same network. If Lumin is on either net you will probably have to connect iPad to your non-mesh network. That’s what I had to do in an Eero/Verizon environment in order to see my Ethernet-connected devices.

Please describe your network in detail, and the brand and model of routers, mesh, everything.

Netgear Orbi mesh . Lumin D2. Dac
iPad (2019 model) ,Asus pc

Did you install Roon Server software in your ASUS PC already? If not, then that’s the first thing you need to do.

Also download Roon for Windows in your ASUS PC in case you want to use your PC as remote or end point. Be aware that Roon for Windows and Roon Server are two totally different applications. Roon Server allows your ASUS PC be configured as a Roon Core without the need to have Roon for Windows open as Roon Server runs in the PC background.

As soon your Roon Core is setup and Roon Server is up and running, your Lumin D2 and iPad will show up in Audio Devices, then you have to ENABLE them in order to use them with Roon.

Every thing is set up. I went to settings, audio but page is blank. Trying to connect Lumin d2dac to core. Help

Have you enabled Roon Ready setting in Lumin app?

In Orbi, please uncheck Disable IGMP Proxying.

Are both Asus and Lumin connected to the same Orbi unit using Ethernet cable?

You do not have another router (e.g. from internet provider), do you?

Ausus pc, iPad (2019) Netgear Orbi mesh, d2DAC. All on same network.

When I go to settings, audio page is blank. Trying to connect Lumin to core.

If it is blank like this:

The solution is split into 3rd and 5th posts below it.

I think I need a computer expert to help . Not able to figure this out

Hello Peter ,

The audio technician informed me that because the Lumin D2 DAC does not have a USB DRIVE that I can not play my music through the D2. It will play music from or through the Roon app on computer. Is there a way to hear music thru the DAC and use Roon for information data?

Paul Sheehy

He is incorrect because:

  1. Roon does not need a USB drive to play music - Roon can access music from local hard drive or internet streaming, in addition to USB drive connected to Roon Core.

  2. Even if a USB drive is connected to a Lumin, Roon cannot play music from it.

Please listen to the good advices in this thread instead of someone who is not familiar with Roon.

To restart this troubleshooting from scratch, please answer:

  1. Are you able to select Lumin D2 in Lumin app on iPad, and find its settings?

  2. What is your Roon Ready setting in Lumin app?

  3. Please post a screenshot from your Asus PC of the Roon Settings → Audio screen.

1.I am able to select D2 on IPad…
2. Roon ready is on in Lumin app
Screenshot to follow.

Unable to send screenshots.
I think the set up is incorrect. How do I reset core,remote , end point,etc.?

Please uninstall Roon on Asus, then reinstall Roon on it.