How is a Roon Rock Intel NUC8ie3bnh connected to a Meridian Audio 218

How you connect them?

The NUC and the 218 are both plugged into your network via UTP (network cable). They communicate over Ethernet.

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Will it be able to see a QNAP TC-251 with my Tidal library?


The roon core can see a NAS but not sure what you mean by your tidal library.
Offline tidal tracks are only accessible by the native Tidal app.

I have a Tidal subscription and was using Meridian Audio Sooloos. Sooloos is not supporting Tidal anymore. My Tidal library is in the QNAP

Your tidal tracks aren’t in the qnap. The Sooloos library that includes links to tidal may be there.
I guess you are really asking how to migrate from Sooloos to Roon?

I really do not know how does it work.
If my QNAP contains the SOOLOOS, how do I migrate from SOOLOOS to Roon in the QNAP?


Support will be able to help but here is a thread that you could read so you know some of the concepts, which will help when you get instructions.

Hello @the5rs, just checking in to see if you had any additional questions from the link ged sent you, let me know!

I have a QNAP TC- 251 where my Meridian Sooloos is. Can I use the same QNAP to migrate the Sooloos to Roon?


Hello @the5rs,

You can definitely migrate to Roon from Sooloos, you’ll want to install RoonServer on your QNAP. However, the TC-251 doesn’t quite meet our system requirements for this setup so you might experience some issues.

Thanks for your answer but probably I did not explain myself correct.
I have a Intel NUC 8ie3bnh with an 8 gb memory and a 128 SSD.
I have not installed Roon Rock yet. The QNAP TC-251 that I have was running the Sooloos software from Meridian Audio. Since Meridian stopped supporting Tidal, I can not access my Tidal library that is in the QNAP-TC251.
My question is how do I use the NUC with the Roon Rock and use the QNAP with my Sooloos library on it? How is all done in order to work the right way? If I need to get rid of the QNAP I will do it.
I am an old guy trying to see if I can get it the correct way in order to listen to music while I can.
Thanks so much for your valuable help.

Use the guide here to export your Sooloos library to another area of the NAS or to a usb drive connected to it.
Then point the roon server on the nuc to that area/drive and it will import it.

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