How is it possible to delete data for an old album

I have messed up a DSD album in ROON. Then I updated the DSF files and tagged them properly, but Roon does not seem to show the new correct data, but continues to show a mixture of the old data and the new one…is there any option to remove old ROON data on a record and start all over?

Have you tried:
album view
right click
top right menu - select re-identify

Sounded like the perfect option, but the record still seem to lack some numbers which are on the harddisk! Really weird!

Have you tried the ‘fix track grouping’ feature?

  • Go to the album view (view albums or drill via artist)
  • mid right you see an edit icon
  • in the pop up menu select ‘fix track grouping’
  • search for the missing track
  • add it

Hey @rasmussenmorten, can you let me know a little more of the information described here, specifically what platform you’re using, and how your storage is setup. I’d also want to know how you’re retagging the files, and which numbers you’re expecting to show up.

When you edit file tags, Roon should notice the changes and display them in app, but there is some subtlety if you’ve edited the album in Roon, or if your storage setup involves network storage and multiple computers. Let me know a little more information about your setup and we’ll figure out what’s happening here.


I solved some of the problems. But currently I have three DSD albums perfectly tagged which do not show up in ROON - the best explanation I can give is that I have inserted them into the library too many times to take them out again (by deleting the original files for some more finetuning with tagging…but how do I get them back in! I use watched folders - not organised folder and my library is connected to a mac mini 2011.