How often do you reboot your Roon core?

Thank you Scott for your detailled explanation about activities taking place in the core.
I am afraid I have to reconsider the hardware to build the core on.

I know my Synology is not x86.

But since 537 I have to reboot the core every two days. I have no idea what is going on but after playing a few day very well the core can’t be reached any more. The NAS is not accessible by the bridge or endpoint. Also not with the internet browser. A ping is the only reply you get.
Only a hard power reset makes the system available again for Roon and the browser.
No indication whatsoever what causes the problem. No log files. Works fine again not using any resources …until a few days have past.

Is your RAM saturated. My gets saturated and quick reboot on Qnap is required.

I have an Arduino Controlling the ROCK. When I turn my Preamp on, the Arduino turns on the ROCK via WOL and when I turn my Preamp off, the Arduino turns off the ROCK via HID Keyboard. So, completely automatic. And as the ROCK is very fast in booting up and shutting down, there is for me no need to waste energy. (Yes the Arduino is running, but it consumes less than 1W and shut’s the hole audio electronics off by switches, so there is no standby power consumption in my preamp in my amp in the ROCK and all peripheral electronics) and still everything starts with one push on the preamp remote.

There is no way to wake up a PC via WoL without the use of standby power.

Never, except when MacOS or RoonServer gets upgraded.

I run the RoonServer on a headless 2012 MacMini with 16 GB, 512 GB SSD, and the music library is mounted from a QNAP NAS.


The Arduino controls a power relay, that switchs my whole system of electronics.

When I push the power button on my remote, the Arduino turns the relay on. From this point the NUC has power supply. And then I wake it up via WOL. It takes just seconds.

I am also using a Synology DS713+ with Roon and streaming via Qobuz. I never have to restart Roon (except at updates).

How much memory do you have in your DS713+?. I upgraded to 2GB.

I also placed the Roon database on a SSD which is connected to the external eSATA port.

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Yes it is my thought and a single posting hardly seems to be forcing it on anyone.

Hi Alfred,

Thank for your reply. It is remarkable that you have no problems. My 713 has 4Gb. But no ssd. So I ’ am going to order one.

Hi @J_de_Hond,

Is it possible that your restart-problems are caused by the 4GB memory? On several fora there are reports about issues with 4GB in a DS713+; the maximum should by 2GB in this system.
I tried two times to place 4 GB (different memory brands) in my 713+. Both times it leads to very high continues CPU loads (between 90-100%) which makes the NAS almost unusable.

I thought 4 GB was a minimum requirement for Roon core


For your information: I connected the SSD (Samsung 840 EVO) with a special eSATA/USB cable. See this link:
The power supply for the SSD comes via the USB connector.

2GB is also working, but the Roon performance is lower.

Have to +1 this thread unfortunately. I’ve noticed Roon slowing to a crawl lately and looked at my server (MacMini with 16GB of RAM) and it was hogging literally all of the RAM (16.2 GB). Memory leak somewhere for sure.

I’m about to write a script to reboot it nightly. Not ideal but will have to do.

Interesting, not noticed any leak on the Windows version.

I reboot my Roon core on Qnap as the 4GB memory saturates. Easy to do via the Qnap app

I think I’ve had to reboot it once since Xmas. Runs quite flawlessly on the Antipodes CX (plusEX) with HQPlayer

I still have not rebooted once. One year anniversary soon. Surprisingly stable. Cirrus7 NUC.