How to check database before updating to 880/882

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Thankfully I haven’t updated to 880 or 882.

Is there a way to check that my Roon database will be ok before I do the update? I would LOVE the improved search etc. But looking here there seems to be a lot of problems.

How do I find out if this update is safe for me?


Hi Daniel,

First of all, I would think that thankfully these database corruptions are rather rare. Extremely annoying if and when they occur, but rare indeed. So I don’t believe there is reason to be particularly scared.

That said, you could obviously check your current database on a spare computer you can set up with the most recent release (B882). Then you back up your current Core, deauthorize the current Core, and try and restore your backup on the test PC with build 882. If it restores well and works, you can try and do a backup from this test PC. If it succeeds I think you can be quite certain that your current database has no ‘latent corruption’ and will update just fine.


Thanks for the quick response. If that’s the only way to check I’ll stick with what I have. Lol. I don’t have a “spare” computer. I guess I don’t want search to be able to work that bad. At least I can play music.
Thanks again

Just remember that it will probably not be an option to delay the update indefinitely… There hopefully will be more future updates…

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But with no easy way to check why do it? Why take the risk? It’s a known issue. Never thought I’d need a spare computer to check something before I do an update.

Good excuse to buy that new laptop you wanted for Christmas.

Ha! That’s the thing. I already have a computer. Didn’t think I needed 2 to make sure Roon worked

You can never have too many computers, can you? But, I agree. I wonder if anyone has bought one for this purpose, only to return it the next day? If I had this issue, I might ask my friend to come over and bring his laptop.

Thanks for all of your knowledge and help. Your quick responses are appreciated. Are you part of Roon support? Do I need to direct my original question that stated this thread to them? I hope they have a solution that doesn’t require me to get another computer to check to see if I should update.

Good grief, no! I am a user just as you… And I can’t speak for Roon nor do I know with what they might or might not come up…

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Lol! I wouldn’t want to be on the Roon staff right now either! :grin:

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Daniel, I am sure Roon staff by now are well aware about this problem, and may have some better guess as to how many users are affected. So, there’s always the possibility to just wait for some days and see if there is something they come up with to help repair corrupted databases, if this even is possible.

But as to testing if your database is corrupted or not, what would you do if you could test tonight or tomorrow and find out that it effectively shows ‘latent corruption’ as by Roon’s definition? There’s not much you can do other than ask for a repair tool, and if this is not forthcoming, you can either opt for biting the bullet and begin with a fresh database and lose your former work on grooming your collection, or abandon Roon altogether. I see no middle way.

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Thanks. I will wait to see what Roon does. In the meantime I can keep playing music even if search isn’t the best. No need to update

Why does the thread say “solution”? I haven’t heard from Roon. What did I miss?

It’s you as thread owner who has the possibility to mark any contribution to this thread as ‘solution’. I think it is this what you have noticed, as at this moment I can’t see the thread as marked…


Ah. Ok. I see that now. Thanks again Andreas.

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My recommendation is the following:

  1. Customise your metadata in your local files exclusively. Don’t do it in roon. The risk of DB corruption is not small enough to be ignored and your roon backups are not immune to corruption either.

  2. Export your playlists before you update the core. At least you can reimport them in case you are forced to create a fresh DB.

Unfortunately, roon DB corruption is a threat we must live with. I accept to take this risk (so far). If you find it unacceptable, the only solution is to go for another software.

Is there any way of protecting Tags and Bookmarks from database corruption?

I use mp3tag for my local library, so I think I’m ok there. But, I have many Tags and Bookmarks in Roon that would be a lot of work to recreate if my database goes bust.

One more option, rather keep waiting for a repair tool that may or may not be delivered soon, would be Roon enabling users to export (and import) data. This even might allow to extract lots of data from an officially compromised data base. Any LevelDB wizards around?