How to delete an album in roon

I tired all sorts mentioned in this forum, including right-clicking -> an album to delete it. In my view this is a basic function that should be obviously available/visible. can anyone help?

You can right click, choose the 3 dot menu, click Edit. Scroll down and select Delete.

IF this is a Tidal album it will remove the Tidal album from Roon.


IF it is an physical album residing on your hard drive, deleting the album WILL DELETE the actual FILES from your Hard Drive.

If you want to keep the album physically, but not have it in Roon, then all you need to do is move the music from a Watched Folder to a location on your storage which is not watched. And then run the Clean Library function under Settings/Library

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Have a look in the Roon Knowledge Base and search for “deleting an album”.
Select editing and then it’s under the “File Scanning and Deleting” section.

You will see instructions and an example image that has a “Delete Album” button on it.

Thanks Daniel. In my view this process is far too complicated. It took me a while to notice that i can scroll down and then i had to confirm twice that i want to delete the files. The more i use roon the less i like it.

The process to Delete is, imho, correctly hard to do; since, it will, in the case of your local files, actually delete them from your hard drive.

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It should be hard! If you search the forum there is a post by someone complaining that Roon had deleted his files, even though he clicked through the (two?) warnings about what would happen.

That could have been me, but it happened because I thought I was “deleting” a Tidal album, not a physical one. I still find it very confusong that actually deleting local files or removing from database are called the same. Roon should NOT delete any files, only remove them from database or give deleting your own files and "deleting"Tidal albums different names because the process is NOT the same.

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I agree more or less. It should probably be easier to remove Tidal album favorites your Roon library.

Though the 2 or 3 warnings is very good, so you shouldn’t screw it up, unless you’re in a very rare state of mind :slight_smile:

I must say I like how Tidal and Roon communicate.

If you add a favorite i Tidal, it shows up in your Roon library. (Same for playlists etc.)
If you add a Tidal album (or track) to your library it shows up in Tidal favorite.

If you delete a favorite in Roon, it’s removed from your favorite in Tidal as well.
If you delete a favorite in Tidal, it will still be in your library.
But if you delete that above favorite in library as well, and then add it once more in Tidal it will not show up in your library

That’s at least my present findings.

It would be awesome to have the option of turning off the final delete warnings for more advanced users somewhere in the preferences. As someone with a very large library, who deletes stuff really often the last window with the final two ‘Are you sure you want to delete these tracks?’ checkboxes feels really slows down my workflow!

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