How to delete files from roon library

How do I delete files from my Roon library?


Go to the track or album, select Edit (from “⋮” character) and scroll down to Delete on the Album Options or Track Options tab.

Note that Delete will delete the media file permanently from both library and storage device.

I don’t have delete in my menu. I get “Add to a playlist,” add to tag," share," or favorite. No option to delete

That’s because the track isn’t in your library.

Yes it is!

Feel free to post screenshots of what you’re seeing on your end.

If there is no Edit, it’s usually not in your library.

Update: Or you’re using a phone/tablet that shows Roon in portrait mode where delete is not supported.

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Yes, as I thought. Please read my updated post above.

Hi @Russell_Reising,

BlackJack is correct — The delete option is not available on the mobile UI.

What a horrible decision. Why not fix the bug??? Very disappointing.


The mobile app is a convenience and does not have the real estate to have all the features of a Tablet and computer.
Using a phone does not deliver the best and fullest Roon experience as I understand it.

Not a bug it’s a design decision, wether you agree with it or not.

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