How to display only a few duplicates?

Unless you have “show duplicates” set to on in settings, you only get to see one version of an album. Is there a way to set show duplicates on an album by album basis? Or even better, is it possible to have more than one but fewer than all albums show up? I’d like to do that because I have several hundred 24 bit versions of various albums, and most are only the original album versions. I also have many CD quality albums that have bonus tracks that I accasionally want to listen to. Thus I might want to display both the HD album and the CD album with bonus tracks, but not any other version. Is that doable?

We came so close to getting duplicate editing in for release, but it just barely missed the cut. It’s coming soon, Robert.

Once it’s implemented, you’ll be able to break up sets you don’t want de-duped, and you’ll also be able to edit and add additional duplicates to sets.

We’re relatively stringent about flagging dupes automatically, because it gets pretty subjective. Is a remaster a duplicate? What if it has 3 extra bonus tracks? What about 3 extra bonus discs? After lots of discussion we decided to leave these questions to the user, and offer the ability to turn off duplicate hiding completely, in Settings.


Really looking forward to this feature also. I would like to group together all duplicate albums, even if one is a remaster with a few extra tracks - so just one album entry per album, though when clicking on that album, the various versions are presented.

I believe that is already in the the Build you have

Go to the Album Browse screen…Duplicates set to Yes in Settings

Right Click on the First Version of the Album that you wish to make a “Set” from

Then simply click on all the others that you wish to join that Set

Then go to Dropdown box in top right hand corner of screen

Choose Group Duplicate Items from the Menu

All X Albums that you have chosen will now be in that Set

Now Turn Duplicates off

Click on the Album cover that you just grouped into a Set

In the Album Detail screen under the Cover, you will see an “Other Versions of this Album” button

Click on this, and you will see a list of all the Albums you’ve just grouped

Roon will default to making the Highest Res version the Default…but as you can see, you now have the option to make an alternative version the “Primary” version for that Set

I have a predicament I dont know how to resolve. First, my setup is a mac mini running the last version of El Capitan. It connects through a Meitner DAC and I have two 6 TB drives copying one to another for a secure backup. I have the latest version of ROON and am a big fan. I am in the middle of transferring (ripping) my entire CD collection (Several thousand). I am up to 830 do far… My problem is that recently and out of nowhere my Roon software starts displaying duplicates in a very random fashion. Yesterday during one of my ripping sessions everything was going smoothly and than I noticed Roon started jumping around, I went from approx. 800 CDs to 1150 CDs and than sat there and watched it go back to 950 CDs before it stopped. I kept hoping this was a scan of some sort but it wasnt. I ended up having to go through the entire collection, click on every album to check was on there and than proceed to pick one to keep and hide all of the others until I got back to the original 830. The problem is not only is this happening (more than once in the last month) but the duplicates displayed are not always the same. For instance, if one album has 12 songs on it, and all of a sudden throught the process described above, I now have 4 copies of the album displayed in my software, 2 might have all 12 songs and the other copies have a random number of songs (2, 3, 6 etc.). It is very time consuming to go through this process to wittle it back down to the right number of copied CDs. The worst part is I have spent hours going through the Roon written materials, FAQ’s, knowledge base, etc. and cannot find an answer. PLEASE HELP!..Thank you.