How to get Linux Roon server to accept remote connections?

Roon Core Machine

OpenSUSE LEAP 15.3, XEON, 32 GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys EA9500

Connected Audio Devices

Samsung S20 Ultra via phone data

Library Size

150,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I want to be able to connect to my Roon server and listen on my phone while walking.
But there is no GUI for Linux, and accessing the Settings on, say, my MacOS client has no Accept remote connections item.

  1. How do I set this up? What port?
  2. Is it encrypted?

I’d recommend this:

I installed Tailscale on my Linux machine. And on my Android phone. But how do I configure the Roon app on my phone to find my vpn server’s ip? If I turn wifi off on my phone, it says I must be on the same wifi network as the server.

In normal situations, Roon on android means you must have WiFi. If you have cellular data only, it would never work in-home. There is a thing in the code that explicitly checks for non-cellular connection, and shows that screen that you are seeing if you lack it. We do this because it greatly improves the experience when one lacks WiFi but does have cellular coverage.

Unfortunately, VPN software breaks the assumption that cellular data + Roon can’t work. We will have to figure out if/how to support this situation, and that’s real product evaluation work, not just a quick fix. I’ve brought it up with the team, but they have their hands full with proper mobile access of Roon, so I can not even begin to predict when this will get done…

So how does it work according to your first post?
And by the way, your assumption with 5G is incorrect. I get 100 Mbps down on my cell phone with T-Mobile.