How To Participate?

I volunteer for Spanish (ES, LA, MX, AR) translations. Please tell me how to join.

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Check out this post.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks, Greg.

Hi, can you add Czech to ??

Hi. I could do Brazilian Portuguese.

Hi, i can translate to Ukrainian. Let me know, when you add this language.

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Hi, call me dense - but when going to, what exactly am I supposed to enter? Tried with my email/password to both the community site and my credentials used for logging into Roon, to no avail.
I could possibly contribute with a Norwegian translation if I just was able to log in :slightly_smiling_face:

That url is cut and paste weirdly. Try going here:, and then logging in

Hi @Ole_Jakob_Fogstad – we are considering adding Norwegian. Why don’t you post in this thread and we’ll let you know when this language is added.


Hey @nerone @Cooler – in order for us to include a language in Roon’s translations, we need to have a certain percentage of the application translated, and we need to be confident in the translations.

Generally speaking, for us to be confident we need at least a few different translators working on the language, so the various strings can be voted on and we can be sure of their quality.

I’m going to close this thread, but if you’re interested in helping to translate Roon, please create a thread for your language so we can see if there are others interested in helping.

If you have a few translators ready to go, or if you just want to get started, send me a PM – I’m happy to add languages to the system, but just note that those conditions will need to be met before we add the translations to Roon.

Thanks all!