How to play APE and ISO music files?

There are a lot of APE and iso music files in my NAS.But they could not be imported to the library in my Roon.How to import and play these files?Need to convert files format?
Thank you very much.

Search is your friend… checkout these topics …

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Known issue, converting all ISO files to FLACs or DSFs (for SACD) is the perfect solution. You have free software available to do this. Kind of a big task initially, but when it is done it is done. Make sure to test software for splitting up ISO on a few albums first. Some of these actually creates glitches between tracks.

I use Jriver Media Center to convert all ISO’s except SACD (this can also be done via Jriver, but the underlying tool got a flaw making audio glitches between each track during the splitting process. So I use ISO2DSD for these.

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