How to remotely restart the (windows) core or trigger a library rescan

I’m running the core on a Windows 10 Intel NUC, which is the machine also used as my living room multimedia machine, and permanently connected to my TV set.

As I have a lot of local music files (on a separate unraid fileserver), and often purchase new ones, more than often I have to manually restart the roon application on the core machine to have it rescan the library, and as of now I have to do this on the core machine.

Is there a way to restart the core from one of the client GUI’s, which would be far more elegant?

I’m aware I could use anydesk or other remote desktop solution to do it from another machine, but still it is not a good solution.

My question is, is there such functionality today which I may have missed?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Initiate a forced rescan from any of your Roon Remotes:


This should do the same as restarting the Roon Server app on your Windows NUC (but with less overhead and hassle).

Great! Thanks!

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