How to report Incorrect lyrics?


Occasionally, I come across a track with incorrect lyrics. What’s the appropriate way to report these so they can get fixed?

Do I just post them here as I come across them?

(Mr Fix It ) #2

You are in the right place I think, is it just some words or the whole song?


Completely wrong lryics for entire song. Usually the lyrics should be linked to a different song on the album.

As I come across them I’ll post them here.

(Dylan Caudill) #5

Hi @Saturn94,

Definitely share any examples you come across and we can take a look. Please share screenshots of the album details page in Roon and let us know if you’ve made any edits to the album and then we can take a look.



First one…

Lyrics are from another song on the album. I downloaded the single track from iTunes. I did edit the Genre and Composer tag.

Is this what you mean by the album details page?


Here’s another

Again, lyrics are from another song, “Touch”, on the album. When playing the track Touch, the same lyrics appear (correctly).

Here’s the album. Only edits are to Genre and Composer file tags.

(Dylan Caudill) #8

Hi @Saturn94,

Using the Britney Spears album as an example, can you navigate to the album and for that track select the 3 dots and choose View Lyrics? Do the lyrics appear correctly for you there or do you see the same thing?


I did as you suggested and got the same results (incorrect lyrics) for both of the above examples.

(Dylan Caudill) #10

Thanks for the confirmation, @Saturn94.

Would you be able to share these two tracks with me?

Ideally, you can zip up the entire folder and send me a private message containing a shared dropbox link. If you don’t have Dropbox or need another way to send the media, just let me know.


Thanks Dylan.

I don’t use Dropbox, so another method would be helpful.

(Dylan Caudill) #12

@Saturn94 — PM sent


Any updates?