How to set Roon as an exception in Norton 360 Vulnerability Protection

Hi, Brent. I experience the “screen shake.” I am able to make it stop instantly with no restarting of anything by switching off Norton 360 Vulnerability Protection. (Settiings > Firewall > Vulnerability Protection.) Note: After connecting to my playback device I can switch Vulnerability Protection on. I switch it off whenever I lose connection, reestablish connection, then switch it on again. I cannot figure out how to set exceptions in Vulnerability Protection such that it will not impede Roon traffic on my local network. If you or anyone can figure that out, I would be grateful to learn the solution. --Alex

Hey @Alex_Sidey,

Thanks so much for getting in touch about this. We’d love to help!

You should be able to add Roon and RoonServer as an exception to Norton 360 Vulnerability Protection by following these instructions:

Please, let us know how it goes :nerd_face:

Hi, Rebeka. Many thanks for your insights and sharing the instructions. Can Roon engineering or support work with Norton to help them understand their issue? A couple of weeks ago Norton level 2 tech support did a remote take over of my computer and did all that is shown in the instructions you shared and a few other things such as switching off the SPI firewall in my router. Nothing worked, except for disabling Vulnerability Protection. (The Norton Firewall comprises 4 components: 1) Application Blocking, 2) Connection Blocking, 3) Vulnerability Protection, and 4) Location Awareness.) My problems all started when I upgraded to Big Sur 11.3 on May 2. I presume there is something Apple did with which Norton is now incompatible, and Roon is the innocent victim in all of this. I delayed responding to you because two weeks ago the level 2 tech said level 3 would reach out to me in 3 or 4 days, but there has been no follow up from Norton. I would love to share a solution with the Roon and Norton communities, but there is nothing to share. Right now I toggle Vulnerability Protection off when I am reconnecting to endpoints or solving problems with Roon not responding and switch it back on after connection is established or problems are [temporarily] resolved.

Hi, Rebeka.
Please know that Norton 360 for Mac OS release 8.6.6 build 2 fixed my issues with Roon.
There are a few issues remaining that are things I can live with. I documented them on my original post regarding this problem [click].

The fix specific to Vulnerability Protection was called out in the 8.6.6 release notes: “Fixes for connectivity issues related to Printer, File Sharing, Remote access apps, when Vulnerability Protection is enabled.”

Thank you for your help, Rebeka. I appreciate you taking the time and trouble on my behalf. Now Norton 360 and Roon seem to be at peace with each other.

Note: Going through any and all settings to make it so Roon and RAATServer were not blocked by Norton 360 did not work. Release 8.6.6 is what worked. Although it doesn’t hurt to set all the proper exceptions for Roon and RAATServer, it doesn’t help either. —Alex

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