How to set-up external HD for Roon backup


I have Roon Core on a dedicated music server (Antipodes CX) connect to my network via MoCa.

A long time ago I did a manual one-time backup to Dropbox. In the interim I deleted the backup from Dropbox.

I bought an external USB HD to use as the storage location for Roon backups. The HD is hardwired via usb to my iMac. To repeat- the Roon Core is on my music server in a different room.

I need help figuring out how to set-up the external HD. I don’t believe the HD is on my network and not sure how to set this up.

  1. Must the Roon backup be to a “networked” device?
  2. If so any user guides on how to do so.

I’m attaching a screen shot to provide more info.

You’ll need to share the USB drive from the Mac and then point the Roon backup to it. This post:

and this guide:

should get you on your way. The share principle is the same.

if I understand correctly the external HD need not be networked, but it must be shared.

I will give that a go.

Thank you