HQP NAA - Raspberry Pi

Sure, why not, but I need to first get my hands on one ARM64 device and have Debian Stretch installed on it. I know Stretch supports some ARM64 hardware, but not sure which one…

Any estimate on when the NAA-enabled DietPi will come out of testing? We talking like a month, or 6?

Not sure, we’ve only tested RPi stretch, which works well. For the C2 and Pine, untested, but it should be a simple case of changing jessie to stretch in /etc/apt/sources.list, then apt-get update` and apt-getdist-upgrade```.

If i get a chance i’ll test the C2/pine over the next few days.

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My setup: Roon > HQP > Ethernet > NAA - RPI3 (DietPi) > USB > DAC
Anybody succeed to feed compatible DAC with native DSD512 from RPI3 ?
I’m using DSD128 and no issues, perfect !
However, DSD512 Ethernet bitrate is near 6MB/s, so according to @RBM too much for RPI HW/SW ?

I’m currently unable to try because of my USB driver DAC limitation (only DSD128 DoP on Linux).
Now Roon is supporting DSD512 too but i presume ethernet bitrate requirement from RoonBridge or NAA is identical.

Thank you

Nobody succeed to stream DSD512 to NAA from RPI ?

I don’t think the bandwidth should be problem anymore with recent kernels – I successfully streamed DSD256 via DoP (which should use about the same bandwidth as DSD512 native) with a Pi3 (running DietPi) and a Mojo.

Finding a DAC that does native DSD512 with Linux is a different question though. :slight_smile:

Thank you René. I was thinking 6MB/s was too much for RPI3 shared bandwidth. Good news if you succeed. If i’ve understood you correctly:
DoP DSD256 required bandwidth = DSD512 native required bandwidth ?

I’m using T+A DAC8 DSD and i hope Amanero and T+A will fix current Linux USB driver and DAC FW limitation soon. I agree with you this is the main point to enable native DSD512 streaming > Linux device.

If you are using NAA, then DoP vs native doesn’t make difference in bandwidth consumption. DoP is handled at the NAA side, so there’s no wasted bandwidth to send DoP stuff over the network.

I’m currently running DietPi v148 and NAA (networkaudiod) 3.4.2-33 on RPI3.
Everything perfect, very robust !

How to update NAA to the last version 3.5.1 ?
Any NAA 3.5.1 changelog available ?

Thank you

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Hi volpone

What is the highest resolution you run with the HQP NAA DietPi?
Is it possible to rund DSD512 without hickups?

Hi @Christoph,
I don’t know because i’m using T+A DAC8 DSD.
Native DSD not enabled due to Amanero Linux USB drivers issue (Amanero FW).

So i’m limited on using DoP: DSD128. No hickups at all obviously.
But for DSD512 i’m afraid RPI3 ethernet bandwith to be too “short”, i hope to try it when Amanero issue will be fixed (if so).

I’ve asked directly on the DietPi support forum: http://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1832

wget https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/raw/856637f99e6d3043d43b820b26be67dfd7159eb5/dietpi/dietpi-software -O /DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-software

dietpi-software reinstall 124

Upgrade done without issue.
Thank you @Fourdee and DietPi !

root@DietPi:~# apt-cache policy networkaudiod
  Installed: 3.5.1-35
  Candidate: 3.5.1-35
  Version table:
 *** 3.5.1-35 0

Any news on DSD512 from a DietPi?

@Dan_Knight Dan will be the best to answer that :smiley:

Hi, I’ve been using the Raspberry Pi 2 image from the signalyst website which is NAA version 3.42. I see that the latest is 3.51. Can someone provide instructions to update to the latest version? I see above instructions for dietpi. Is that the basis for my image? How do I log in to get a command prompt?

Will the new version allow me to do DSD256 in non-DoP mode on an Auralic Vega?

Thank you!

Hi @RBM,
Sorry to be back on this old topic.
I’m feeding my DSD DAC from ALLO USBridge. Due to AMANERO FW limitation i’m only using DoP (DSD128).

According to NetData Ethernet bitrate is 11000 -13000 kilobits/s (1.6 MB/s max).
In my understanding DoP encapsulation is X2 bandwith VS native DSD. So using native DSD128 would be 0.8 MB/s, isnt’it ?

0ther USBridge users are reporting 46000 -50000 kilobits/s (6.3 MB/s) max) on DSD512 native.

Could you confirm or correct my understanding about DoP / Native DSD bitrate ?

I don’t see any RPi NAA build on the HQP site… am I missing something - thought this was mentioned so posts back. @jussi_laako

Will the NAA option in DietPi work for this? @Dan_Knight

NAA available from DietPi is perfect. No issue, very stable.
Using it since few months both on Sparky SBC (ALLO USBridge) and on stock RPI.
DSD512 bandwith handling is another story, i’ve not tested > DSD128 (DoP)

Interesting - I had been running a core on DietPi X86 on Debian AMD64 with an i5-6500 and even up sampling to DSD512 to a Ropieee based RPi with no issues - just to see if it worked.

Maybe that would be thinner than a windows based NAA on the same hardware. But running Ropieee with RAAT passing DSD512 (LAN connected) works fine and is my main rigs setup to an OPPO Sonica DAC.