HQPlayer Desktop thread

Your plot looks like bass response correction. Looks correct. This originates from REW or similar?

The second one has couple of pretty steep corrections. I personally prefer a bit gentler approach. If you use REW, the amount of smoothing you apply affects how aggressive the corrections will be. I usually use something like 1/9th octave smoothing.

REW, yes the subs do shake the room on some frequencies so my neighbours love REW. Every now and then I play some electronic.
I’ll look at the second ones. Thanks very much

@jussi_laako I didn’t see any post about HQPlayer client.
I use Roon and also HQPlayer client to listen to Qobuz playlists or albums. With Roon, I got into the handy habit of playing with the volume simply with CTRL+ up or CTRL+down.
With HQPlayer Client, it is possible with the mouse (very sensitive) or by clicking to have a scale of adjustment but not simply with a focus on the window and a keyboard shortcut (windows version).
Or I missed something ! :wink:

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Volume can be controlled with mouse wheel (adjust the mouse wheel sensitivity to adjust speed), or by pressing left button down and dragging up or down (flick action on touch screens). Similar way as flicking the screens left/right switch the views.

Current keyboard shortcuts in Client…

Playback controls:
Play: Media Play, Media Play/Pause, F8, Space
Pause: Space
Stop: Media Stop, F6
Previous: Media Previous, F7, Left
Next: Media Next, F9, Right
Rewind: Audio Rewind
Forward: Audio Forward
Random: Audio Random Play
Repeat: Audio Repeat
Volume Down: F11, Down
Volume Up: F12, Up

Album view: F1, 1
Play view: F2, 2
Transport view: F3, 3


Thanks for the information.
I will continue… :wink:
About Qobuz, I don’t know the possibilities of the api but now Qobuz applications and in its webplayer, the stream passes in “radio” mode after the reading of an album or a playlist.
It is not possible to have this possibility via HQPlayer client ?

Lot of things are possible, but not implemented yet. I will keep adding new features over time.


I can be patient :wink:

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I’ve recently connected my Qobuz on HQplayer client. Works great. Just one question will it affect using it having also roon connected or I need to sign off on HQplayer client?

My question arises because while listening on Qobuz on roon today I’ve been experiencing sometimes some “lost of audio device” while running on Radio mode?

Edit :writing_hand: it happens in some 192khz files. I’ve increased the buffer time but is not working all the time. Seems poly-sinc-ext3 to be high demanding filter.

You don’t need to sign out. But it is good idea to use only one Qobuz client at a time, so that Qobuz servers don’t get upset or confused. Note that Client is talking to Qobuz only when Qobuz is selected as the library. So it is easy to control from Client side. Just switch away from Qobuz library in Client when you want to use Roon to access Qobuz.

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The dropping seems to be a Roon issue, because it’s not happening while listening to local library. Will experiment now using HQplayer client playing Qobuz directly. Many thanks