HQPlayer: How do I set up NAA? UP Gateway

Hi everyone, I’m new to HQPlayer and need some help getting my hardware up and running!

Here’s my chain:

Mac mini –> Roon/Tidal –> HQPlayer 4 –> UP Gateway NAA –> Holo Audio May


From start to finish, how do I set up my UP Gateway NAA to play nice with my Mac mini and HQPlayer?


  • Where’s the current HQP software image for the UP?

  • How do I install it? (And can I do so via MacOS, or does it need to be done on a Windows machine?)

  • Once the NAA is set up, what should my settings be in HQPlayer to route audio correctly?

  • How should I be connecting my Mac mini to the UP Gateway? Ethernet, yes?


Thanks in advance for all advice and helping walk me through this!


Here you can find the images.

Latest at the moment is naa-430-x64ramfs.7z

Download it, extract the archive with 7-Zip and write it on a USB memory stick using for example balena Etcher.

Plug it it, and set UP Gateway BIOS to boot up from this media.

Now first power up you DAC and then start HQPlayer, select Network Audio IPv6 backend (or non-IPv6 if it doesn’t work). And select this NAA and the DAC behind it as your output device.

You are done! :slightly_smiling_face:

You connect this NAA to your home network where your HQPlayer computer also resides.


Another related question. If i want to use two different NAA for different DACs. Will just using two UP Gateway be enough? Or do I need to make some config changes in NAA OS?


If you use the latest NAA OS images, you should be fine, as they automatically pick up system specific name for the NAA. Each NAA must have a unique name within the network scope.

i will have both the NAAs in the same network. Do i need to configure the name of each NAA. If so, what is the way to do so?

No, if you use latest NAA OS images. They will automatically generate unique names like “naa-xxxxxxxx” there x’s are a system specific hexadecimal number.

You can also set it to something more descriptive if you use the regular (non-ramfs) image and edit /etc/default/networkaudiod and set there something like:
And then do “systemctl restart networkaudiod”.

One more question. How do I ssh into the NAA on UP board?
I looked up the ip address and did “ssh” and got “ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused” . “ping” works.

Is there no ssh server on the NAA image?

Also, I saw somewhere you said you use a medical grade 5V power supply for UPboard. Can you share which one?


You need to first create a userid you want to use for login. You can do this with “useradd” or “adduser”. Then set password for the user id with “passwd”.

P/N: SDM36-5-U-P5
Model: SDM36-5-U

This is 5V for the UP, but I use 12V model of the same series for the Fit-PC as well.

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I also used Ferrum Hypsos for about a year. But then after reorganizing things I move it to power Ferrum Oor headphone amp. I felt it was in better use there.

You need to first create a userid you want to use for login. You can do this with “useradd” or “adduser”. Then set password for the user id with “passwd”.

How can i do useradd without first logging into the NAA machine?

You login as “root” on local console. No password.

Tried that first but not letting me login as root either.

Here is the route table on my router

I’m trying to login from Macbook Pro. NAA playback from HQPlayer desktop app is working. So the laptop does connect to the NAA device.

Ahh, sorry, NAA OS doesn’t have ssh. Only HQPlayer OS has.

I have not seen much point in including ssh on NAA OS.

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