I need step by step instructions to update my NUCLEUS + to 2.0 from 1.8

Roon Core Machine

I have a new Nucleus +. I use an iPad as the Remote. I also have a Mac mini which I use as a remote.
I have tried 10-15 times and no dice.
Can you tell me how to update my NUCLEUS+ without making me look at other documents that require a shift in focus? You didn’t sell me a Mac or a PC, you sold me a NUCLEUS+. I expected better.

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Hi Steven,

Fellow user here.

When you open the app on your Mac Mini, and go to Settings/About, does it indicate that an update is available for the unit.

Support will be by as soon as they can as they are a bit busy.

If you don’t want to wait, there are the manual steps they have posted s in the Roon 1.8 <> 2.0 Migragtion FAQ.


I have copied the relevant information from the FAQ below which uses a different PC like your Mac Mini to connect to the Nucleus PC data share:

RoonOS Core 2.0 (Nucleus / ROCK)

The names below in (red) BOLD are case-sensitive, capitalization matters, [changed it to bold since the red didn’t copy over]

  1. Go to the /Data/ share (instructions) and create a folder called branches

  2. Download the following file: roon_2-0 (It should be named roon_2-0 and saved with no file extension)

  3. Copy the file into the branches folder previously created

  4. Rename the file to roon (instructions on how to rename files: Windows / MacOS)

  5. In the Web Interface, click “Reinstall” under Operating System

When you are done, you should have a file called roon in the branches folder like so:

Sorry, but this is not always working, at least not for me, still stuck on a downgraded 2 to 1.8
Any other solutions?

Ditto. Have tried multiple times this evening with no success.

This morning my Nucleus+ was loaded with 2.0 and everything works smoothly.
During the last few panicking days I reread what Roon is ABOUT, where it came from and how its going ahead and I’m along for the ride.

Thanks community and staff. Stephen G.

If I go to Settings in my iPhone Legacy 1.8 controller, it says my Nucleus core is Roon version 1.8 (build 1126) and “You have the latest version installed”.
If I open my Roon 2.0 controller app on the iPhone, it asks me to connect to a core, notes than an update is available, but gives no option to initiate the update. This is before it shows me the menu that includes “Settings”. If I select the core available, it shows me an incompatibility screen allowing no further action except going back. I never see an update option.
Looking at the migration instructions, they are written for ROCK users, but I’m Nucleus. I haven’t been able to access the Data file at all so I’m stuck on step 1.

Have you see this post?

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