I never use the TIDAL apps

How about you?

I have my local library and if I need TIDAL, I use the Roon apps.

Use whatever works for you in the situation.

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Yeah, absolutely true. Just realized I don’t use them :slight_smile:

At home I have predominantly used Roon since being a user.

Looked at alternatives but have settled on Roon.

With Arc, the Tidal app isn’t needed.

Unless your Roon core goes down.

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Then the TIDAL app for once will be the backup :slight_smile:

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Or if you need to listen offline. Arc will let you download tracks from your library of files for offline use, but not tracks from streaming services (Tidal or Qobuz).

But, he’s asking about Tidal.

I use the Tidal app when listening on my iPhone since it’s more stable and glitch free than Roon ARC. Fantastic playlists in Tidal.


I use TIDAL app from time to time when the latest releases on Friday still don’t show up in ROON days and days after.

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Last comment mentioned you’d use Tidal if the core is down. What I’m trying to say is that you’ll also use it if you need to listen to Tidal content offline

Why don’t they show up in Roon on Fridays?

Roon doesn’t get a direct feed of the new releases. They get access as everyone else does, so there is a propagation delay.

From elsewhere.


You were absolutely right. I had to switch to the TIDAL app last Friday for an overview of the latest releases.



I often wonder why it matters when we get new releases. It’s music we’ve never heard in our entire lifetime and suddenly it matters if we hear it on Friday or next week. I don’t get it.

Tradition holds a lot of it for me.

I’ve been one of those new music release guys for a Looong time. Fridays are geared around a lot of new music listening for me.

Will I be losing sleep over it, no.

I think it gets asked here a lot because of the nature of this forum (music based) and the other applications (Tidal/Qobuz) are in sync. Many do not understand why this delay happens with Roon.

Batch processing. Not an always open pipeline from Tidal and Qobuz to Roon.

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Yeah. Friday is New Music Friday to me. Old habits…

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I’ll use Tidal app but I don’t use Qobuz app.

The Tidal app has seen significant improvements over the years and I actually don’t mind using it. Qobuz? Not so much but I love bolting Qobuz to Roon. It’s such a glorious sound in my system.

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New Music Friday is the best time of the week, it’s all about hearing stuff for the first time
I’d Like Roon to improve it’s Tidal integration, it’s not perfect with editing my tidal playlists…

TBF both roon and Tidal desktop players are near perfect