I/O errors for one album

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

ROCK i10, recent install, up-to-date, 250GB SSD, 8GB RAM

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

UniFi USG, UCK Gen2+, ROCK + Synology NAS all attached via Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

RopieeeXL on RasbPi4 (plus lots of Sonos’) connected to ethernet and to Schiit DAC via USB

Description Of Issue

Basically I’m playing fine for Tidal and almost all albums coming from my local collection. Occasionally I’ll get tons and tons of I/O errors for a local album, out of my library of maybe 10k albums. Here’s one example - I looked in the most recent log, and there are lots of I/O errors for this one file. Is there a problem with the fact that it has accents in the name? Happy to send logs if useful.

That error message is normally network related. It’s not that album name as my copy works fine.
Could you attach a usb drive to the ROCK and see if that eliminates the errors. That would be a good diagnosis input.

Hello @Johnny_Ooooops, ged has a good recommendation here. Please reboot your system (including network) and give this a try.

So, just to be clear on the exact test you’re suggesting:


  • remove my network/NAS folders
  • add a USB with a copy of all my music folders
  • test playing the problematic album (Veneer by Jose Gonzalez) from the USB drive

OR are you suggesting that I do


  • Keep my existing network/NAS folders
  • Copy the problematic album ONLY to a USB drive, and add that folder to the library
  • test playing the problematic album (Veneer by Jose Gonzalez) from the USB drive

I’m very reluctant to do VERSION 1, because I don’t want to lose all the work I’ve done to my existing library. I’m not sure if VERSION 2 will prove anything, but I’m happy to try it.

If I’ve missed the boat entirely, let me know what VERSION 3 I should do.

And thanks for your help already! @ged_hickman1 and @nuwriy


So I haven’t done everything you asked yet because I didn’t have the answer. But now I’m doubly convinced that the issue has to do with accents.

Albums that play fine under all circumstances:

  • almost all of them; basically every single album I try.

Albums that don’t play (all the same I/O error, no tracks play on any of them from local files):

Note these same albums that have Tidal versions play fine from Tidal. There is just something going on between my NAS (Synology 918+) and Roon. I can play the same files no problem from Foobar2000 over the network from the NAS.

Super weird.

I will copy the files with accents in the titles to the USB and see if that works tomorrow.

Hello @Johnny_Ooooops, option 2 would be what I was suggesting. Please let me know if they work!

Ok, I’m beginning to realize this isn’t Roon’s fault. There are file names in here which are not copying to the USB drive. In fact, those exact same items that Roon finds aren’t copied to the USB using Windows explorer or the Synology file copy GUI. So clearly I just shouldn’t have accents in my file names for multiple reasons - because there are a number of places where at a file system level they don’t work; I thought we were past that, but it’s not worth my trouble to diagnose and fix - I should probably just change my naming convention for those files.

So to be more specific - when I look on my NAS through ROON and look at file info for a track, I see the tracks in the library. Here are a couple examples:

And when I look in Settings / Storage, I can see the corresponding folder in the NAS:

But when I copy that whole “Rock: Indie” folder over to the USB (tried a variety of methods), I do not see any of the folders that have accents in the names copied (I see all the others):

So it looks like I need to go back and decide what to do in general. I don’t think I have a tagger that eliminates accents from file names / folder names. I typically have been using MusicBrainz Picard. Any advice here?

You may have a point with accents, I used Dvorak as an example I see 97 albums but on that I sampled none have accents in folder or file names

Not being easy to type accents on my keyboard helps

You need a French user maybe to comment

Just to close this out for others with the problem, I ended up using bulk renamer (windows software) to get rid of the acute issue, and then changed my file name convention to never allow accents. Doesn’t bother me, and it was worrisome that a bunch of software (some but not all) just silently missed any files with an accent in them on SMB shares. Not worth the risk.


And this old thread (yes, I use media monkey, need to read to end to find working solution):

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