I think I need to stay on 1.8, but can I update the mobile clients?

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Hello, I guess everything is in the subject. I run the Core on a NUC with Windows 2012 r2, so I guess I will be keeping v1.8 untill I upgrade to windows10 or 11.

Question is: can I continue to make all the upgrades on my mobiles (Android and Ios) ?

Thank you.

No, don’t do that. Since your Core is v1.8, why would you want to anyway?

Make sure your devices do not update and that auto update is disabled.

If your answers are correct, it’s a complicated situation: I don’t control all the devices in my family and I guess they all are on autoupdate.

I would then move to the new version 1.8 Legacy. For the core and all your devices.

You’ll need to get them to disable auto-update. You can sideload Android apps using APK files if you can find a 1.8 download. With iOS devices, there’s no going back. The only option then would be to install 1.8 Legacy on your Core and use the Roon Legacy app.

There’s more information in the following post which details what you will need to do in order to continue with 1.8 Legacy. In short you will need to install 1.8 Legacy on your core and any desktop machines as well as the new 1.8 Legacy remote apps on your mobile devices.

There is no need to turn off auto updates for the mobile apps. Just install the new Roon 1.8 Legacy mobile apps an you will be on 1.8 until you elect to move.

What is the difference between the actual 1.8 and ‘legacy’ ? How can I go from the one to the other ?

understood, thank you !

I just installed Roon Legacy on one Android phone. It doesn’t want to connect to the core. Core is 1.8 build 1105 and there is no update possibility.

As stated above. You’re CORE needs to be 1.8 Legacy also. Please read the guide.

I don’t get it… Does it mean I need to install another 1.8 version of the Core from scratch and make a restore of my DB ?

I guess it’s time to install Rock…

Follow the guidelines here

This can be used whether you’ve upgraded to 2.0 or are still using 1.8 1105. You can also do a fresh install of 1.8 Legacy, if you prefer, but don’t forget to back up your databases.

Hello, sorry to bother again but I still don’t get it. Is there a way to continue using 1.8 WITHOUT having to reinstall the core ?

  • The legacy remote refuses to connect to my core because it’s 1105
  • I apparently cannot upgrade the core to the last build.


No, just install the 1.8 Legacy application that’s appropriate for your core on top of the existing installation.

This will put you on a track that will continue to receive updates for important issues, but won’t attempt to migrate you automatically to 2.0.

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