Ibasso dx220 : music don't start (or 2s)

Roon version : 1.8 (buid 756) stable
OS version : linux 5.8.0-41-generic


synology Router


ibasso dx220
Apple devices (iphone, ipad)

I have Roon and all is fine except playing with iBasso dx220. The app is on ibasso running well (i can use it as remote for other players) but when i want to use it as players track does not start !
On the device setup :no MQA support activated.
Of course it is not a problem of wifi ; apps as Tidal or Qobuz on ibasso work fine and dsaudio (from the NAS) works also fine .
in advance thank you,
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To better assist you it would be helpful if you provide more details of your setup including your network.

Please see the following as a guide.

I hope i will be more precise :

Roon version : 1.8 (buid 756) stable
OS version : linux 5.8.0-41-generic

synology Router RT1900ac
Wifi : 5GHz

Audio device
working fine with WIFI
2 Chromecast
2 Apple devices (iphone, ipad)
working fine with ETHERNET wire
1 volumio rasperry
1 chromecast

NOT Working (with WIFI)
       1 iBASSO DX220

Ibasso DX220
* android version :8.1.0
kernel version : (gcc version 4.9 x 20150123)
Build number : 1.17.256

description of the problem :
Roon app is on ibasso

  1. running well as remote control
  2. when i start to play one track on the iBasso (with headphone)
    * the first time plays 2s (green light for the music format appears ) on Roon and stops systematically with the message : “an audio file is loading slowly …”
    * if I push the Play button, there is no effect (no music played) (of course I try with other tracks)

I have to kill the app and reopen it - and the bug above is exactly reproduced
it seems to be a proble concerning the audio drivers betwwen roon and android 8.1.0, but I am not expert !)

  • TIDAL and QOBUZ apps play well all tracks on iBasso dx220 with all formats (flac 44, 88, 96 kHz …)
  • the app dsaudio (audio player for NAS synology) is running well on iBasso

Roon configuration for iBasso

  • This Phone : default Output Android 8.1.0
  • no MQA support activated.
  • Resync delay : 0

I hope all these informations will be useful to solve the problem

in advance thank you,
Best regards,

6 days agao (but including week-end) , I sent to the Roon support a description. (as complete as possible) concerning a probleme as ibasso dx220 player for roon (remote wrking fine). I has not yet some answer .
Do you have any idea of the problme … and how to solve it ?

Hi @Gilles_Corde

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

I’ve enabled diagnostics on your account so we can try to take a closer look at what’s occurring on the iBasso. Would you please try to connect the iBasso to Roon and reproduce this issue once more so we can take a look? Please let us know what track you try to play and what time the error occurs. Thanks!

Hi Dylan,
No problem for the delay, I have several devices to play music…
I made the test you asked:
@ 9 A.M (GMT+1) I launched Roon on iBasso and played : Frank Zappa Tinseltown rebellion - 2 tracks played well and fully. i decided to switch to the last track : Peaches III and then it was blocked and the track didin’t play.
I killed Roon and lanhced it again. I chooesed Ray Anderson - LP : Blues bred in the Bone . th track played weel … I switched to an another Artist : U.S.E trio tonal gravity and then , as previously, the track didi not start.
In conclusion,
1- compared to my first request : before no track could be played - now it is the first launch, teh tracks are played fully
2- BUT if i change the artist or manually the track, Roon stops with the same message : “an audio file is loading slowly …”
to play again on Ibasso I have to kill the app an launch it again.

just to say that the new app Roon 1.8 is really great - you have done a real great job, that’s why i would like to have Roon on all my devices :slight_smile:

best regards,

Just some corrections with my first answer this morning.
I tests again near 12 a;m (GMT+1) and exactly the same errors occurs than ones of my first mail (13 days ago).
I try to play
Anouar Brahem Improbable Day - it starts (take some time), 3 s played and stopped with the message “an audio file is loading slowly …”
I killed Roon launched it again and, launched Roon and try on track which works this morning
: Frank Zappa Fine Girl-exactly the same error than above.
I hope it helps you,