I'd like for Roon to choose albums randomly (Shuffle albums)

This idea is already in #roon:feature-requests:

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Been asked for many times over the years by many members in threads new and old.

All to deaf ears it seems!

For example, just one of many.

I truly have no idea just why Roon are so averse to this extremely simple request!

I certainly do not need/ want anything as complicated as the thread @BlackJack refers to though.
A very simple totally random album shuffle is all I am requesting/ have requested.


And I wish mods would just STOP moving my posts on this subject into THIS thread because this is absolutely not close to what I want or am requesting!!!

How hard is it to tell the difference between the request of this thread and my request of just a dead nuts simple totally random album shuffle.
I guess this is why it never gets done…

But - unfortunately - it prevents me from buying roon.
So, I have to return from time to time and ask in roon is meanwhile as useful as iTunes is :wink:

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please add a Shuffle Album option into Roon!

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I have to say, now that I’ve started using Focus to get all my “local jazz albums from the fifties or sixties”, say, I really really want this feature finally. “Shuffle albums” when you’ve focused on the albums page. My internet plan caps at 1.2tb, and it turns out that you can get pretty close if you stream at hi-res all day most days, and stream a bunch of 4k movies every month and zoom.

I realize that 3 votes is pretty sad. Can everyone who has posted please go to the top and click the “VOTE’ button if you have not?

And @mike I don’t know if this counts as “easy” or not, and ease should almost never dictate priorities, but if it were “easy”, boy it’d be a great add.

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As you can see from my prior posts in here pre Mod status it was a blazing hot topic for myself.:innocent:

It still is and still bugs the heck out of me why Roon cannot or will not implement this extremely simple feature.

Oh well :frowning:

This is partly because over the years there have been numerous requests along the same lines so threads are pretty fractured on this.
And I think all of them were pre " vote" status.
If I can find time after work I will try and hunt them all down and merge if possible.

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@moderators can you merge this into the below request?

Also, would be great to add the text (shuffle albums) to the end of the description of that thread so it’s findable. I could only find this one on search, and I couldn’t believe it had fewer than 10 votes.


Done and done :+1:

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It sucks so much not being able to get full albums queued randomly in ARC when hiking outside… :frowning:

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It makes no sense to have this at a top level…maybe a selection of multiple albums to randomly shuffle would work

I have 6K+ albums and there would be no reason to ever shuffle such a large collection.

also does this imply randomly play each album in its entirety or shuffle all songs in all albums randomly?

The idea as I see it is just to pull a random album from your collection.
To discover forgotten gems is the purpose in my eyes.
Even discogs can manage this…

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The point is that while Roon Radio is randomly queueing one track at a time, we want to randomly queue one whole album of tracks at a time. Just like the Random Radio extension already does for anything except Roon ARC.

It makes absolutely no sense that “The audiophile player for music fanatics” is not able to do this.

Albums are clearly at the center of Roon’s focus so why am I forced to behave like an indifferent consumer skipping from artist to artist after each song played?

I think you should be able to do it in any context where there are albums selected. Meaning that if there are any set of albums that appear, whether your whole collection, or a focus or tag or anything else, that you should be able to shuffle by album, and then the complete album in order would be pulled. You’d basically be creating a playlist with all of the tracks in (sequential) album order, and each randomly selected album would be followed by another randomly selected album (whose songs would also be in album order). If you want to create a focus for all your locally stored 1950 vocal jazz albums and shuffle those, that would be fantastic. if you want to pick a genre like chamber music and pick an album randomly, great, and maybe you want to keep playing after that, terrific. But if you really wanted to shuffle all albums (as @AceRimmer wants to) that would be great too. Lots of use cases for different folks who think of their collections differently.

This is an absolute must in my eyes.

As somebody else said it is extreamly supprising to me that this cant be done already, i used to do this on itunes over a decade ago.

I also agree with @Johnny_Ooooops this shouldnt just be for the entire album library but any where a set of albums are presented.

I find that there are so many albums in my collection i havnt listened to in a very long time because i have ‘forgotten’ about them, having them pulled up randomly would be a fantastic, it not rather basic, feature.

I agree, a must.

You know what I’ve resorted to doing? If I’m on my Mac, I swipe up fast on my trackpad and whatever album it falls on, that’s it.

Doesn’t quite work on the phone. Not enough screen space to do a fast swipe.

Sad that this is the workaround in the 21st century.

But did you vote for the feature? Or just say it’s a must have…. Stand up and be counted!

[sorry, I have no idea if you voted or not, I just want the feature so I’m trying to get as many people as possible to vote for it!)

Yes, I have now. (Didn’t notice it; glad you. pinged me.)

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Hi! This is my first post here and I just gave this suggestion my first vote as well. I have been using Roon last year for the first time for a while but because this function was missing (and Roon ARC didn’t exist yet) I decided to wait before becoming a member. Now I’m back ('cause ARC is a thing now) and I’m confronted again with the fact that I love almost everything about Roon except that this (basic) function is missing. I just can’t get my head around it! Everywhere I click shuffle it only shuffles all tracks. For me the album-shuffling is the perfect middle ground between still getting the surprise effect from my own collection and having to be a bit committed as a listener in order to appreciate what I already own. Exactly the thing that you don’t find anymore in the streaming-culture nowadays, which is all so very track-oriented. Albums rule, man!

That said; I’ve come up with my own work-around for those of you who don’t have too big of a collection, are very passionate about listening full albums like me and don’t mind getting a repetitive strain injury… :slight_smile: I thought it would be worth sharing here since it wasn’t suggested by anyone in this thread already:

-I’ve opened up the ‘My Tracks’ page
(-Did some stretching exercises & took a deep breath)
-Selected the first track of the first album
-Scrolled down to the next album, selected its first track…
-And so on…

So as you can imagine, a few hundred clicks (in my case) later I created a ‘First Tracks’ playlist. Every first track of every album as a starting point for an album.

So whenever I want to be surprised with an album I shuffle this playlist, clear all upcoming tracks from the queue, go to the album of the track that has just started and queue up the remaining tracks of that album.

It’s not perfect but it kinda does the trick for me until Roon comes up with an integrated way of shuffling albums (if they ever do).

And while we’re on the subject of shuffling; being able to shuffle from ‘everything from one artist’ to ‘everything from the next artist’ would be really cool too. Same thing, the balance between the surprise-effect and having to be a bit committed while listening is something I really like.