If Some Think Ethernet Cables Matter, Does This?


What made you think this has anything to do in “Roon Software”? Software polymer?

(Thread got moved, so I guess my comment should now be: open the flood gates!)

£200 for 10ml - a bargain :wink:

The Chord Company isn’t Chord Electronics Ltd and this sub forum is about the later.

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Oh my, this is hilarious. So the mod moved this from “Roon Software” to “Chord” :joy:

Why develop 500 prototypes when the first is better than untreated cables 4 years on? Of course, what better means is moot.

However, I’d really like the Chord Company to explain how ICPs work in a water based suspension to improve connectivity, i.e. how does polymerization occur? Perhaps they will substantiate such claims? :laughing:

Contact cleaners (usually made by Servisol) have been around forever and are part of any electronic technicians toolkit.
Snake oil type fluids aimed at audiophools have certainly been around for at least 25+ years, as I recall them getting rave reviews in the hi-fi comics at the time. I haven’t read one of those since around that time coincidentally.