iFi nano iDSD DSD Support [Resolved]

The iFi nano supports native DSD and roon does not seem to detect that, Ideas?

Yeah, I noticed the same thing. Endpoint is an RPi to an iFi iDSD.

Source -> DSF DSD128
Headroom Adjustment -> blah, blah
Crossfeed -> blah, blah
Sample Rate Conversion -> 5.6 to 11.2
Sigma Delta Modulator -> DSD256

Haven’t bothered to report it as I have other fish to fry. Thanks for saying something.

Hm maybe I’m confused but please look at my setup?

and playing DSD64 native

and DSD256 native

So for me it’s working without a flaw!

Thanks to Roopieee

Best regards

@Rene_Petri That seems like a Micro iDSD? I am reporting the nano iDSD.
My Micro works just fine and looks just like your setup.

Sorry you are right!

my mistake!

Reading is a bliss :blush:

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@xxx Your welcome :smiley:

@support here is a screen shot:

As you can see there is no option for native DSD.

RPi 2.
iFi nano iDSD

OK, now I’m confused. The presence of a sigma delta modulator means native DSD? if so, then I’m all right. I thought I had seen the legend 'Native" in someone’s screen shot. Is the some doc where all this stage info is more fully explained?

I guess if I have to ask then it doesn’t matter.


@xxx do you have a nano or a Micro?

Two Micros - an iDAC2 and an iDSD.

Probable doesn’t matter, but they are fed from a Micro iUSB2 and a Nano iUSB3.

Ok than you are fine. The problems seems to be only with the nano iDSD.

Hi Fernando are you using ASIO, ALSA or WASAPI?

If WASAPI, try either of the other two.

And if it’s a Mac endpoint that also may be a reason?

Not an expert - just sharing after going through similar troubles and learnings.


@dabassgoesboomboom ALSA, This is Linux so it wont run on anything else. :wink:

Ok. I THINK I’ve only seen the micro iDSD drivers patched in by the Github guys (for native DSD support)

You can email them directly but I remember reading that somewhere (I think)

ok I’m wrong

I just saw something very interesting…

The support is there but I need the latest firmware.

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Yes we searched at the same time.

Ugh indeed. Luckily iFi make it a semi-painless process

But hopefully that solves it

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Ok guys will update firmware and see.

Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye-bye!"

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Nope, I actually was over firmware 4.x but updated to 5.02 anyways.
Waiting on support now. :frowning:


Sorry to hear that