Importing library problem

I backed up the room database as instructed.
I can see both the origins database in the ROON folder. But roon rescanned my library and it is an unmitigated disaster missing albums, missing tracks, playlists don’t work.

How do I delete the new database and reinstall the old one. When I read your procedures I didn’t see how I was to import the original data base.

Please help.
ROON 1.2 never made such a mess off things when I fiirst scanned my library or when I imported new materials.

Please tell me there is an easy solution.


Hey @Sgr – I’m sure we can figure out what’s going on here. Thanks for letting us know.

Can you start by letting us know how you backed up, and also the details of your setup, as described here?


WSY2K12v2 running on PC NAS running Roonserver as Core
SSD for operating system
10 Tb of music on a Stablebit Drivepool system. ROON did not detect the (pool drive, K, so the path had to be typed in as it could not detect K. ROON did find all the individual pooled drives.

Audio PC i4770k 16gb RAM 256 SSD for operating system. WSY2K12v2,
HQPLAYER, Fidelizer 7.5, AudiophileOptimizer

The PCs run correctly.

MicroRendu as NAA connects to HQPlayer machine. Still works flawlessly.

I backed up my system as per your back up instructions you sent when you announced ROON 1.3. That’s the first thing I did before installing.

"Navigate to your Roon folder - details about finding your Roon folder are below
Copy your entire Roon folder to your backup location
Restart Roon
Note: you must close Roon while making the backup or your backup may be corrupt.

Database Location
On OSX, you can find your Roon folder (or RoonServer folder) by following these steps:

Open Finder and click Go in the top bar
Hold down the Alt key to unhide the Library folder
Click the Library folder
On Windows, you can find your Roon folder (or RoonServer folder) by following these steps:

Open Windows Explorer
Click in the address area to the right of the text, to make it active like typing in a web browser, and type %localappdata%
Find and open the Roon folder
Note that because Roon’s database is frequently updated in the background, we strongly recommend against depending on automatic backup programs like Time Machine, Crashplan, Carbon Copy Cloner, etc and others.

We are working on a cloud syncing solution that will make backing up automatic and invisible, but for now, it’s critical that you periodically back up your Roon database."

So I do have a copy of the files in that directory which contained the ROON Database. I clicked on those files to see what they contained the database file did not seem to hold much info that was decipherable but I figured the info was encoded in some way so didn’t think much of it. I did make copies of the 1.2 database files and made a directory for them on my SSD drive and they are still there.
After this I activated ROON on my iPad and it started the download process. After ROON was downloaded it started scanning my music files. I believe it made a new database.

My hypothesis to solve the problem? Copy those same files in ROON 1.3. Rename and store them. Then copy the 1.2 database and the files in that directory where the 1.3 database files live.

It’s interesting that the database i see in 1.3 does not listed as 2/2/17. But refers to a date in 2016when I first installed ROON.

Hope this info helps you to solve the problems.


Hey @Sgr – sorry for the slow response here. Are you still having an issue?

I’m wondering if this is part of the problem. When you upgraded, was the older Watched Folder still present? Did you edit it, or did you just add a new location?

I discussed this in some detail here, but let me know what you’re seeing in the Storage tab of Settings and we can go from there.

If you want to run an additional test, you might try making a backup, then removing all folders from your Storage settings, then re-adding only the ones that are currently in use.

Let me know how it goes @Sgr – thanks!

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When I launched ROON 1.3 it couldn’t find the library and it didn’t recognized the Stablemate Drivespace drives.

So I typed in the path directly. Imported with out my playlists, or my edits.

A week latter I came home and all the albums had doubles. Went to the ROON import library area and found that suddenly ROON recognized the old path and database so it was importing two of everything. So I stopped the new one and deleted do now my library is back to normal and backed by Dropbox to be safe.

However I recently ripped three new CDs and ROON has not imported them even when using the force import. jRiver has found the three recent rips and updated its library.

Any idea why ROON doesn’t find them?

Hi @Sgr ----- Thank you for the follow up and sharing your observations with us. In regard to the content that you tried to import, does the “skipped files” feature ping back any information about this media?