Importing music - artist and album title incorrect

I have been running roon for about 2.5 years on a DELL laptop running Windows7 Professional.
version 1.5(build 360), core: version 1.5(build 363)
I have about 64000 tracks.
I just noticed after ripping about 30 cds, that these new files are being imported as:
title: “Pink Floyd - Animals”
artist: :“unknown”
a number of these rips are also showing up twice on the overview when there was only one cd.
I use EAC to rip and they are going into my NAS library perfectly. what do in need to do to fix this as I cannot figure out why this suddenly happened/?

It’s be useful if you could share a screenshot of Overview and an individual album. However, it sounds like you are ripping directly to the NAS while Roon is running. It’s best to stop Roon Core when importing multiple albums.

I haven’t used EAC in years and I’m not sure what metadata provider is used (I think it was freedb which is pretty poor.)

Thank you, Martin.
I shut down Roon core and ripped another cd, which made no difference when the c ripped cd was imported.
The metadata provider used with ESC is GD3,
What is the overview that you would like me to provide?
Do you have a suggestion for a good ripper/metadata provider?


Damn spell check! :smile:

I had a computer running windows 10 which broke so I replaced it with a computer running windows 7. I am beginning to suspect that this is the cause as I found a couple older files which did not come into Roon properly and they would have been ripped when I got the window 7 computer, dang

Take a look at this post.

When you replaced the computer did you restore Roon from a backup or simply copy files? Certainly some examples of the problematic albums would be helpful. Can you share a screenshot or two?

Hello @Tom_Ingram,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue. Please share some screenshots of this issue as @Martin_Webster mentioned and also a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Storage Tab when possible.


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Hello @Tom_Ingram,

If you right-click on one of the albums -> press 3-dot drop-down -> “edit” in the top selection bar, do you have the ability to identify the album? Under the “Edit Album” page it should list Pink Floyd as the primary artist link, I believe the metadata for those albums are not being identified properly due to the file tags. Please let me know if that helps.


sorry for the delay - I do appreciate your help!
I bought a new computer with windows 10 operating system and installed it last night.
I did 2 rips last night using EAC with GD3 for the metadata and the rips came into Roon as I expected.
I am going to keep this post open for a few days while I rip and test more.
thank you.