“In Their Prime” UI bug on wide screens (21:9) - Not fixed on Build 806

Previous closed thread, with all the necessary information, here:

Here are screenshots from the remote, after upgrading to the latest release:

Screenshot 2021-07-07 at 00.05.14

Looks like it’s not fixed.

Guys, I know you are dealing with a lot of support tickets/threads but it doesn’t make sense to close these before asking the original thread owner to see if an issue is fixed.
Just maybe give us a chance to confirm the fix is working first? In these particular cases, it’s just taking more time from our lives to create the same ticket to notify you that the fix, after all, didn’t take.


Hi, @Yargi_Erel, sorry for troubles. The bug was a bit broader than just 21:9 monitors, and fix for this problem was tested on the gear we have internally in the team and the issue seemed to be fixed, that’s why it was included in the release notes.

Nevertheless, I will put in another ticket for our dev team about your device’s specific resolution and the problem you are seeing.

Apologies for troubles.


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Hey @ivan ,

No worries at all, thanks for the assistance. Please let me know if you need any help on this from my end to test, send logs, provide details etc. Happy to help.


Could you, please, reproduce this issue once again and send logs from the affected device? Could you, please, also tell if any scaling is applied to the screen where you are still seeing this issue?