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Ok. I have both SongKong and Jaikoz.
SongKong adds [Flac] when renaming Jaikoz does not.

Now I am left asking.

How may I make Jaikoz rename like SongKong . Then once that is done . . .

What is the advantage of each over the other.

Thank you.

Both tools have an audioformat field that can be used to add the audioformat to the filename.

Additionally SongKong has an option on the Format tab called Add Format to Release Title, so if this is enabled the audio format is added to the Album field and then if this field is used in your rename mask it would be part of the new filename, this option will probably be added to Jaikoz as well.

Each has advantages and many customers find useful to have both, please see Jaikoz versus SongKong - Comparisons - SongKong and Jaikoz Music Tagger Community Forum for a comparison

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SongKong 8.4 Gold released


  • Support for Back Cover Art
  • Better Quality Artist/Band Photographs
  • New Artwork types can be retrieved, Performer and Record Label
  • Independent image resizing for cover art /artist photos

Full details at

Hi, have now reinstated the 20% discount on SongKong Pro, simply use promo code ROONADELIC at checkout.

Hi, SongKong 8.5 Faith is now released

This includes a rewrite of Delete Duplicates to make it work more effectively with larger libraries plus a whole host of other improvements and fixes.


Please see here for full details, you can still get 20% discount with ROONADELIC

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Hi, SongKong 8.6 Post now released


This release contains a number of major improvements to Delete Duplicates plus some important fixes

Preferred Deletion Criteria
We have added some new deletion criteria, Album with Most Tracks and Earliest Folder Creation Date. If you are matching based on album (any version) this would allow different versions of the same album to be marked as duplicates, and if they are differing versions and one is the Deluxe version with extra tracks it is probable you’ll want to keep this one, but until now there was not a way to chose this. Now with the Album with Most Tracks criteria you can keep the album with the highest value for Track Total in your tags, this would be the Deluxe version.

Often when you have duplicate copies of the same album it is common to want to keep the first version based on the file creation date of tracks. But if you have had to do any manual organization of files then the file creation date may be later for some files in the folder. With the new Earliest Folder Creation Date criteria it looks at the creation date of the folder, and this will be consistent for all files in a folder making it easier to keep them together.

Since these new criteria are generally very useful the default Preferred Deletion Criteria (for brand new installs) is as shown in the screenshot below.

Deletion of Empty Folders
We have a new option called When find duplicates delete folders and any sub folders if empty or only contain the following files

If this is enabled every time SongKong deletes a duplicates it checks the folder to see if it still contains any music files. If not it can consider deleting the folder and any files or subfolders if they are empty or only contain files in the configurable text field. You can edit this directly and it understands using * as a wildcard.

Also, when we actually delete a duplicate music file or non-music file or folder we now add to the Errors and Warnings tab to make it easier to track what SongKong has done.


Full Details can be found here

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Some nice new features in there Paul…keep up the great work :slight_smile:

and another one, SongKong 8.7 Pod released

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Hi folks.

Jaikoz Bleach 8.9 released, and Roon users can get get a 20% discount on SongKong Pro using code NEVERMINDTHIS at checkout.

Another new release - SongKong 8.10 Frank

Also, i have been sketching out some improvements/new features of SongKong Im keen to do, some feedback would be great. SongKong Software Development Roadmap - SongKong WishList - SongKong and Jaikoz Music Tagger Community Forum

Hi folks, SongKong 9.0 Drukqs released, and Roon users can get get a 20% discount on SongKong Pro using code WINDOWLICKER at checkout.

Major release includes:

  • Taken some functionality out of Fix Songs and put into three new tasks Rename Files, Naim Import Metadata and MetaGrater (deletes metadata fields from files)
  • Profiles are now per task, so each task has its own profiles and all tasks have at least a Default profile
  • New Consistent Icons
  • Web UI has had a makeover to make it more consistent.


Hi, because of changes in the AcoustId api used for fingerprinting files earlier versions of SongKong can no longer consistently retrieve Acoustids, this will prevent the identification of some music files and albums.


We have released SongKong 9.1 Juju to resolve this issue, it is important that you upgrade to this latest version for automatic matching to continue to work optimally. Please see SongKong 9.1 Juju released May 26th 2023 - SongKong Announcements - SongKong and Jaikoz Music Tagger Community Forum for more details.

SongKong Juju 9.1.1 Released

This release fixes an issue that prevents cloning of Default profiles, another issue that prevents Monitor Watch Folder working with an empty folder and two other issues

We also have new discount code for SongKong Pro, use CHRISTINE for 20% discount.

Unfortunately it does not let me choose the currency of payment. From Spain it is placed in pounds, not in euros, with an unfavorable exchange rate for credit cards and paypal. If you are so kind to solve it, I think I will buy it.

Hi LETRA, I’m sorry I don’t currently have a way of doing that. But I wasnt aware of any major difference, certainly Paypal charges me extra when payment are not in £s, so I thought I took hit. I cant ses the price customer pays as I only have UK accounts could you let me know how much it charges in Euros when try and pay using Credit Card and Paypal

Hi Paul. The problem is that you are only offering me to pay in pounds, not euros. When paying in pounds your equivalence to euros is no longer equitable because both Paypal and credit card apply disadvantageous commissions. The other day I bought two OTOroku Coffee CD’s online. Each CD cost 10 pounds. The shipping cost 9 pounds. And I paid 35€ for the commissions my bank charged me when paying in foreign currency. The 20% discount flies away with the exchange rate.

Hi Letra, you are correct that you cannot purchase directly in Euros but I don’t think you are correct about the extra commission you think you will pay in this case. My two largest customer bases are US and Germany, and no-one has ever complained about being charged more than they expected because have to pay in £’s, when purchasing by Credit Card we use Stripe for card payments rather than dealing directly with Credit Card provider.

I cannot give alternative at moment, but if you make a purchase I will refund you difference if there are any additional charges but I am sure that there will not be.

Is SongKong similar to Bliss?


Hi Paul. Thank you. There is a significant difference. In euros, with the discount, the price of SongKong Pro should be 40’80€. But Paypal applies it shows me 44’26€. Almost 4€ difference, which is little, but annoying when this promises a price in euros and, inexplicably, is charged in pounds.

It is similar. I have been testing it and I think it is faster looking for duplicates. Bliss has some extra features, although is slower. I’m also interested in the identification feature with Discogs and adding more artists and genres to the tags of my files. I’ll have to take a closer look.