Integration of Internet Radio subscriptions into Roon's Internet Radio?

For consideration as Roon ready’s improvements to Internet Radio…

There may be technical limitations, but here goes…

I use Internet Radio. I also have subscriptions to “Jazz Radio” and “Calm Radio” (both 320kbps). Each of these have dozens of channels. I have added about a dozen of my favorite Jazz Radio URLS and can play them through Roon. I haven’t done that yet with Calm Radio as it is a pain to do and the station display gets too long and chaotic.

Any chance these kind of subscriptions can be integrated so all of their channels would show up?



I agree on all accounts.
I decided not to renew my Roon membership as I listen to Calm Radio so much.

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I did enter a number of calm radio urls to roon’s internet radio page. Work’s well enough. Hoping that capability will remain with the rework.

In case you missed this …

I didn’t miss that thread (have posted in it) and it is really not the same thing. Calm Radio/Jazz Radio, etc., are subscription based. There will likely need to be something particular to add these stations to authenticate the subscriber rather than just adding stations to a directory.

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I’m amazed that they don’t seem to have our wonderful KMDH Jazz station listed in available local stations.

Just add the TuneIn URL or make a request for the station to be added via #live-radio.

Thanks much Martin. Newbie here . . . still learning :slight_smile:

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JazzGroove public URL’s are freely available but they also offer FLAC SQ on their subscription service. Originally the FLAC service could only be accessed via their webpage. Recently however they are offering a URL to subscribers which includes a subscriber token. The URL with token included can then be pasted into ROON as a ROON radio station with FLAC SQ. It’s in BETA at the moment and there are reports of dropouts but hopefully that will be resolved in time. So subscriber stations can be added to ROON but it needs the support of the provider I guess to implement it.