Integration with Discogs?

Just a thought. I went to a lot of trouble to collate my LP collection on Discogs, so if I could integrate physical media as well as metadata that would be an AWESOME feature! I don’t suppose that it will happen, but food for thought. Discogs had 443,000 registered users as of January 2019, so maybe it would be a gateway for those physical media people to get into digital metadata. You know the classical guys would love all the details.


Matthew Partrick
Key West, Florida


Thread from 2016… 2019 update was


Yes, this would be excellent - to either add a listing for piece exclusive to the Vinyl collection and allowing a Tidal/Qobuz version to be accessed, or when a local digital copy also exists, list under ‘ Versions’.

Could this be a sync’ed integration rather than a static import, as my Vinyl collection is still expanding, as for certain new albums I get both (a download card with an LP is fairly standard now).

Thanks, Simon.


We can live in hope I guess! :slight_smile:


I would love to just see albums link to Discogs. My use would be as follows:
Listen to an album in my own library in Roon, look up the artists other work, listen to their other work via Tidal integration, and if I like it follow a link to that other work on Discogs so I can buy, add to my Roon library, rinse and repeat. Would be nice if that could happen. My two cents


I can only agree to all of your thoughts.
+1 from me.
What does the Roon guys say to this?

  • 1 as well. Thx!

Honestly this would be so valuable, even if it was just a manual process - like let us throw in the discogs release number (like a field where we can dump [r3314329] and have it pull data in that way). There are so many obscure releases and singles I have to enter metadata for manually, when all the data is ready to go in discogs


I was just thinking about this over the weekend as I was listening to music. It would be so great to have Roon as our one source for music information.

Like integrating Tidal, linking a user’s Discogs account shouldn’t be that hard, and the ability to present an artist’s work with vinyl, digital and streaming content would be so helpful.


I’d like a feature like this a lot, having 1.000+ CDs and 300+ Vinyl Records.
So +1 from me


Here too. I’m using Discogs for buying vinyl and catalog my vinyl collection. Roon I use for digital listening, incl. catalog digital collection. I love the context informations and links provided by of Roon. Enter artist/album of my vinyl copy I listen to in Roon do get the info. Integration of my Discog account into Roon would be a big pleasure for me.


mp3tag has an integration with discogs that you can setup by having a discogs account. mp3tag will prompt you to login which will get you setup with an api key for use with their site. i try to tag everything i have with mp3tag+discogs integration before dropping it onto my nfs share for roon to scan/import.

i wouldnt think providing this in a similar fashion would be that difficult, you would essentially have another source for metadata (roon, file, discogs) and a section within roon to provide your discogs api key (perhaps extensions). this would clean up the roon data issues (bands named incorrectly, death metal bands coming up as pop/rock, incorrectly spelled track names, etc).


Something like automatically tagging tracks with “On LP” or “On CD” based on its inclusion in Discogs, or some similar feature would be great. I’ve been contemplating applying these tags myself in Roon and wishing there was a good way to script it at least.



Discogs has all the info I need
I allways scrape all discogs info when tagging my music.

for vinyl releases discogs metadata is a goldmine
please add

a link from the album to the discogs page would be awesome


+1. I’d love to see Discogs integration. I’m an enthusiast of both vinyl and digital/Roon - seems that makes me a bit of a weirdo, if you read “audiophile” sites. It has to be one or the other, with people predictably dividing along tribal lines and then bickering about which is “superior” - well, I love both. To me, each format has charms and features the other lacks. Anyway, I digress…

Point is, for now I’ve been sporadically, when I can be arsed to, adding manually the album tags “Vinyl” if I own the album in LP format, or “Vinyl Wish List” if I don’t have a digital album in my Roon library on LP, but would like to. Sometimes if I’m Roon-ing happily, I might see or be listening to an album, and fancy hearing it on vinyl. Many others no doubt have their CDs cataloged in Discogs. It’d be cool to have that integrated into Roon for those of us who are just as passionate (read: OCD) about our physical media collections :slight_smile:

As Beck might say, “Where it’s at! I got 2 turntables and endpoints with Roon…” lol

Good info, s_b, thanks! I may play around with that, see if I can incorporate it. Cheers, all!


+1 for a discogs link !

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My wallet would hate this, but a Discogs link would be awesome.

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Wow. Sorry I didn’t see this before posting a new topic on it… you guys have been talking about this since 2016? Good grief! What’s the hold up? If there were ever two systems that belonged together it’s these two!

At the very least… a Discogs section in Roon (like Qobuz and Tidal) that could import a Discogs export file. At least it would be a start, and you (Roon) could do all the work without Discogs’ help or need for their approval. It’s a simple data mapping exercise…

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Obviously the data mapping is not trivial at all, the credits don’t map. And automation cannot be done without Discogs’s consent because their license requires their written consent for commercial use of the data. I guess importing of Discogs export file would fall under private use, though, maybe

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