Intel Nuc8i3 HDMI output to Denon receiver

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Intel Nuc8i3 running Rock

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HDMI out of Intel nuc in to Denon avr x1600h receiver.

Description Of Issue

Intel nuc is showing 5 different hdmi outs that can be enabled within roon. When I am trying to play audio out of the nuc it seems to be random which 1 of the 5 hdmi outputs actually plays music (only 1 physical hdmi output coming from nuc).

As a workaround I play music on all of the hdmi outputs and wait to see which one is actually passing audio to the denon and then stop playback on the 4 that are silent. But sometimes when I change track or album playback no longer works on the current hdmi output and I need to start the whole process of elimination again.

Please let me know if this does not make sense and I can try and explain again. I confuse myself at times.

My setup uses HDMI0 and have the rest of them disabled. You only need the one. I do not have to make any changes and it is always available.

I have the HDMI output from the Nuc to my Denon 8500H.

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As Mike says - HDMI0 is the one you should use at all times. Ignore the other four, as implied by Mike Fass in this message:

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Im sure I had issues with 0 no playing anything so that is when I tried the remaining 4.

I will disable 1-4 and just try playing from 0 tomorrow and see if it works.

Thanks for your replies.

Thanks for the help everyone.

Solution for me was to only have HDMI 0 enabled as suggested above but to also ensure my receiver was set to receive the data before trying to output music from roon.

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