Intel NUC8i7BEB and panic with two drives config - SSD SATA Crucial MX500 and MVNE ADATA

I build Roon Rock appliance based on Intel NUC8i7BEB and two disks:

  • M.2 MVNe AData SX8200PNP 2TB for music
  • SSD SATA Crucial MX500 250 GB for system.

When I’m using only M.2 MVNe Adata as a system drive everything works great. But when I try to build two disks configuration with SSD SATA for system I see kernel panic like Kernel Panic while installing . I reinstalled Rock on new disk without any problems but after reboot system failed to start.

Any idea ? Is it connected with this specific type of SSD SATA ? I set BIOS to legacy, both disk are visible, startup disk is set to SSD SATA.

It’s difficult to diagnose the exact reason for this, but the main idea is you use the m.2 stick as system drive and the SSD for storage of media. Due to the enhanced performance of the m.2 for the system, that is.
However, i think you need to clean both sticks (delete any and all partitions on them) and then restart your process by installing ONLY the SSD. The. install Roon on this one and when you have it running, shut down and reinstall the m.2.
Then you should be able to initialize the m.2 as InternalStorage from the web gui.

Easy, get another NVMe SSD for the RoonOS and Roon Core database, say a Samsung 970 Plus 256GB - runs lighting quick.
Also get a USB-C enclosure for the ADATA SSD for Music Storage plugged in to the NUC.
And yes, you have the MX500 spare.

The SATA SSD connection is meant to be used as a secondary drive for music storage. The M.2 drive is the primary drive where ROCK needs to be installed. As others have suggested, get a 128gb or 256gb Samsung M.2 drive and install ROCK on that.

~Thanky you Mikael, it works now.
I formatted both disks with GParted -- Live CD/USB/PXE/HD and reinstalled Roon again with SATA SSD as a system drive. Now Roon Rock works as expected :wink:

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