Intermittent dropouts during playback

Roon Core on Macbook Air 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, macOS Sierra
Roon Output - ditto
Audio Out - AQ dragonfly red via AQ jitterbug via AQ dragontail
Music library - Seagate USB HDD 500GB [~400 albums]

I am facing intermittent dropouts during playback. I noticed this during hires playback but later encountered dropouts during lossy playback as well.

I have set Use Max Hardware Buffer to true. I have also turned-off analysis.

Can you advise what needs to be done?


Are you using WiFi?

Roon setup does not have wifi in the chain. However, I am using wifi in general.

Hi @NIKHIL_KULKARNI2 ----- Sorry for the trouble here. Audio dropouts are almost always environmental, and we have a lot of information about how to troubleshoot them here. Can you give that article a read, and let us know what you’ve tried so far?

We’ll make sure we get this working for you :sunglasses:


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I have the same issue on my iPad Pro.

Core is in a i7 PC. Everything is hardwired (Ethernet).

Very annoying

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Hi @Ian_Drachman @Iain @Eric_Walberg – dropouts are almost always environmental, so I’m going to split out these posts into individual topics, and we can work through these issues with each of you.

@thyname – note that we generally use the word “dropouts” to mean an issue with audio playback. Since you’re talking about an iPad, it sounds like maybe you’re describing a different issue? If so, just let us know all the details in a new thread.