Internet Radio Stations and Core change

Only recently discovered the Radio function (relatively new user) but loving it, especially listening broadening my listening with a bit of Linn and JB Radio, so thanks for the links! One quick question though, do radio stations not get saved to database? I added a few recently and then switched my core from PC to a NUC and they were all gone. Probably not an issue for most, but I travel with work, so transfer my core when I head away for an extended period; will be right pain adding them all again every time!

Hi Peter,

I’ve extracted your post into a new thread in Support to investigate the loss of your Internet Radio stations. The Internet Radio stations are stored in the database and should be available from other instances of a particular database.

There are a number of ways to “switch Cores” which can have different results for stored data. If, for example, Roon was installed independently on the PC and NUC and the NUC was then authorised as the Core under the licence, then you would lose all database edits as there would be two independent databases.

If, however, your database was migrated to the NUC as per this KB page then all the database information (including Internet Radio stations) should be available on the NUC.

Can you let @support know which method was used here and they will be able to investigate if migration failed for some reason.

Hi Andrew, I migrated it as per the knowledge exchange by initiating a backup, copy that to USB and putting the USB in the ROCK NUC. It’s not a biggie though, all the stations are setup again, I’ll note this support request and reinvigorate it again if I have the same issue when I next swap cores.

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Thanks Peter,

My understanding is that should have preserved your stations. Support may want to investigate further (if you don’t mind their questions) just to check if there is a bug here.

Hello @bassman,

I just want to confirm with you how you migrated using the backup, can you confirm that you used the instructions listed in ? Can you confirm if you received a “restore successful” message at the end of the restore process? The radio stations should have been saved inside the backup so it is interesting if they do not show up for you. Please let us know if you experience the same issue next time you are switching cores.


I’ve moved Cores several times and restored the backups and the radio stations never come back. Looking at the instructions I’m logging in first, reauthorizing the new Core, and THEN restoring the backup…maybe that’s been my issue.

Hello @ProperlyDeafened,

Can you please let me know from which Core you made the backup on and which Core you transferred the backup to? If you observed this behavior on multiple Cores, please list them all.

– Noris

Hello @ProperlyDeafened,

QA has tried to reproduce your findings with Radio Stations not transferring over but has been unable to do so, even through several variations of transferring the backups have been tried.

Can you please let me know the answer to my previous questions and possible send us the backup you have to verify the behavior?

You can use the instructions from this article to send the backup to us, except you would be navigating to the backup location instead of the database folder in step 1.